Breath of fire 3

Crew.0 GamingPublished on Jul 12, 2016



Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD

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Crew.0 GamingPublished on Mar 9, 2016

Welcome to The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess HD. The game really does look amazing in HD. So far the opening is more about Epona then Link but I’m sure that’s change. right?


“You’ve never seen this game before!” Link to the Past

We play Andi’s favorite game, The legend of Zelda A link to the past! Andi knows this game front to back so if you want to see a tutorial on how to beat this game with some random jokes in the back, you came to the right place!


The Walking Dead by Telltale

Crew.0 Gaming

Published on Feb 19, 2016

I’ve been wanting to get into this game for a while and I finally got a chance to play it. We’re playing as Lee Everett a guy who was convicted of a crime I don’t know yet if he committed. I think he did it but that’s not stopping him from protecting Clementine a girl that he met who was all alone in the Zombie apocalypse.




Today we are playing Undertale and Holy Crap, I am in love with this game already. We aren’t doing a pacifist, but have you seen the people I work with? did you expect any different? Anyways Play this game it’s awesome so far!



Final Fantasy 4 VS Crew.0

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Crew.0 takes on Final Fantasy 4. Aero takes on the role of Cecil Leader of the Red Wings returning from a mission that makes him question the intentions of his King!



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We are back in the Pokemon world with the Twitch plays Pokemon version of Pokemon Red. This version has all different Pokemon everywhere and it’s weird as hell. Aero and monster go up against Gary/Hambeef in this first battle…


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Vs Maxx 95 in 1 VS Crew.0

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Aero, Andi and Monster Gonads go head to head to head in our first Let’s Play! The Vs Maxx Play (MAXXPLAXX) is our first nemesis, with 95 NES rip offs in one Nintendo 64 controller! Infringement and alcohol abounds!



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The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth

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Welcome to episode one of our hopefully new series. Nothing fancy about it, just some good ol’ Binding of isaac: Afterbirth. Gonads is a huge fan of the game, so stick around.




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Collab Videos

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Last updated on Feb 20, 2015





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Crew.0 vs Pokemon Silver

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Crew.0 plays Pokemon Silver – Hotdog the greatest Pokemon master of all time begins his quest to caught em’ all and get ice cream… awww yea…



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Crew.0 vs Borderlands

Crew.0 Gaming

Crew.0 Plays Borderlands 1 in preparation for borderlands the pre-sequel. AndI plays Brick and Monster gonads and Aero play Mordecai!



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