In Memory Of Carrie Fisher (1956 – 2016)

2016 has sucked. I want my refund.

That’s been the general consensus, especially over the past few months. I can recall all of the memorable deaths (Bowie, Prince, just to name a few), the horrible Voldemort vs. Umbridge-esque election, the list goes on. This specific death hits home for me and many, many other nerds in the galaxy. My newsfeed was filled with not just little snippets of stills from Star Wars, but also posts celebrating her speaking out about mental illness. You were a treasure, Carrie Fisher. You are one with the Force now.

Here is a just a tiny glimpse of my newsfeed from yesterday. I hope you enjoy!

And lastly, mine. In true Faren fashion:

Featured image courtesy of photographer, Riccardo Ghilardi

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