Faren’s Nerd Moment: 16 Things You Have To Watch To Get Pumped For Christmas

I kind of really hate Christmas.

I know, I know. Why did Faren, oh hater of Christmas, create a Nerd Moment specifically listing off episodes of TV shows and movies that involve the very holiday she hates? While my Grinch-ness is quite deep from all of the years working retail, there are many episodes of TV shows and quite a few movies that I have found a special home in my heart for. Because at the end of the day, Christmas and the holidays are about keeping your family and friends close (and sometimes keeping them close just to fight with them) as well as looking at the silver lining in a world grown bleak. While I am not a fan of the holidays, I hope you find this list to be helpful in achieving max level Christmas excellence.

16. Orange Is The New Black’s Christmas episode“Can’t Fix Crazy”

*clip includes spoilers*

15. The Family Stone

14. The Polar Express

13. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’s Christmas episode, “A Very Sunny Christmas”

12. The Nightmare Before Christmas

11. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer


10. A Christmas Horror Story


9. Elf


8. Community‘s Christmas episode, “Regional Holiday Music”


7. The Office’s Christmas episode, “A Benihana Christmas”


6. Bob’s Burger’s Christmas episode, “Christmas In The Car”


5. Jingle All The Way


4. Parks and Recreation’s Christmas episode, “Ron and Diane”


3. The Office’s Christmas episode, “Christmas Party”


2. Die Hard


1. Christmas Vacation 


Yes, yes. I definitely left out some good / traditional ones, but I hope you guys enjoyed my list nonetheless!

Merry Christmas!

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