Faren’s Nerd Moment: My Top 10 Favorite TV Title Sequences

I will forever be intrigued by title sequences.

It’s really cool when music and scenes from the show blend together to paint a really perfect picture of a show for you. For most of the shows I watch, you could probably watch the beginning sequence and get a full scope of the show. Due to my love and adoration of said title sequences, I thought I would compose a top 10 list of my favorites for your viewing pleasure!


10. Misfits

Why: I had no idea who The Rapture was before I started my Misfits binge and now their songs are scattered among my plethora of Spotify playlists. That’s not the only reason why this sequence rules. I love how they defined each of the main characters powers as well. It’s just really cleverly crafted together.

Music: The Rapture – “Echoes”


9. Bojack Horseman

Why: This show is fucked up.

For the length of the time I was editing this list, the above comment was the only thing I had for my “Why” section for this and I almost didn’t put anything else because I feel this perfectly sums up how I feel about it. Half-kidding comments aside, I love how it shows you everything that encompasses the world of Bojack with that kinda “lazy, chill” music in the background.

Music: Bojack’s Theme (honestly, I just found the photo that was uploaded to this to be super hilarious).


8. Archer

Why: I tried really hard to hate this show. My husband, Brandon seems to binge watch the series every few months (probably about as much as I watch The Office) and I’m sorry, you can only hear, “That’s how you get ants!” so many times before you want to kick something. Kidding aside, I love the title sequence. It’s pretty simplistic and has major James Bond vibes. You will also notice later on in my list, I will compare this to another really epic title sequence.

Music: Archer Main Title


7. True Blood

Why: Fun fact: I actually hated this sequence whenever I started watching True Blood. It was disgusting and cringe-worthy to me. As I got through the episodes, I stopped focusing so much on the scenes that they depicted and more on Jace Everett’s “Bad Things” and somehow, I got through it. While I definitely stopped watching True Blood somewhere around the middle of season 4 (I’m sorry, they destroyed my favorite book in the series!), there’s something crazy alluring about the song and its title sequence. Sue me, why don’t you?

Music: Jace Everett – “Bad Things” 


6. Cowboy Bebop

Why: Whenever I first watched Archer, I instantly felt the Cowboy Bebop feels. The bass line is just one of those that just get stuck in your head (in an infinite loop, it feels like).

5. iZombie

Why: It’s colorful, lays out the general concept of the storyline, and has a really cool rocking song. Also, everyone tells me I look like Liv Moore. What’s not to love about this?

Music: Deadboy & The Elephantmen – “Stop, I’m Already Dead”


4. Dexter

Why: Dexter, Dexter, Dexter, how beautifully demented you are. The thing with Dexter is that externally, you see this average Joe going about his totally typical day, but something’s just not quite right. This sequence perfectly encompasses that, from the kind of cheerful, yet mysterious music to the events that transpire during this particular morning in Dexter Morgan’s life.

Music: “Dexter Main Title” by: Rolfe Kent


3. Netflix’s Daredevil

Why: All of the blood forming all of the scenes in this sequence just does it for me. It’s eerie with this emotionally jarring undertone, which aligns perfectly with the episodes in Daredevil. I was not a fan of the character, Daredevil whatsoever before this show and color me a fan, especially after viewing its title sequence for the first time.

Music: Daredevil Main Title by Joe Paesano


2. Westworld 

Why: Holy Jesus Lorde fuck. This title sequence is seriously so close to being my all-time favorite and I only just started binge watching season 1 a few days ago. From the haunting music (Hello, Ramin Djawadi, I see you, boo thang) to that gorgeous shot of the lady on the white horse. It all forms together to provide this excellent (dare I say perfect?) 1:48 long sequence. I’m going to need a drink of water before I finish this list, thanks.

Music: Main Titles – WestWorld by: Ramin Djawadi


1. Game of Thrones

Why: I love how immersive the Game of Thrones title sequence is. It is just as ridiculously detailed as the show (and books) is/are. It doesn’t leave out the most essential element of the story: all of those gorgeous locations you visit! Also, I’m sorry, that music. You can’t not hum that at work and annoy the ever living shit out of your co-workers. It’s just a hum-able tune.

Music: Game of Thrones Main Title sang by Kristin Chenoweth (because I can) and then, Dan Barham’s Peter Dinklage version (also, because I can).


What are some of your favorite title sequences? Let me know in the comments or hashtag #OJFavTitleSequences at the OJ Twitter!

2 thoughts on “Faren’s Nerd Moment: My Top 10 Favorite TV Title Sequences

  1. Great list! I looooved the Misfits opening.
    I want to give a shout-out to the Gravity Falls opening sequence. I love the song and how the sequence introduces the characters.

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