[Environmentally Friendly Review] Before the Flood

I started out writing a very professional review of National Geographic’s Before the Flood, but as I was writing I just grew more and more depressed. Even if climate change is the big hoax that the oil companies want us to believe it is, our world is still going down the shitter. Even Leonardo DiCaprio feels like this.

The world’s leaders have made promise after promise to look into climate change and develop solutions to polluted airs and rising sea levels, but nothing seems to have been done. Since 1958 we’ve been dealing with these issues, and although we’ve changed our light bulbs and started recycling, we still need an Oscar winning actor to tell us the world’s still declining and it’s our fault.

Somehow Leo keeps chugging along. He keeps spreading the word about climate change—keeps planting trees and protecting animals. But what can I write about that’ll make any more difference than his million dollar documentary? Not much, so if you don’t know much about climate change or don’t believe it, please seek this film out.

Featured photo courtesy of Singularity.

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