10 Pinteresting Things I Won’t Be Trying: Halloween Foods Edition!

WARNING: This post contains photos of foods items made to look like dismembered/burned bodies and parts. If you are squeamish, I highly recommend you stop reading now. How did you even end up here?

For those of you who are still with me… Boo!

It’s the gut-wrenching edition of my 10 Pinteresting Things I Won’t Be Trying this Halloween!

I was pleasantly surprised by how difficult it was–at first–to find completely unrealistic/weird/disgusting things in regards to Halloween themed DIYs, but I guess that can be attributed to the fact that compared to my previous 10 Interesting Things post, Halloween itself tends to be all about the unrealistic/weird/disgusting stuff. However, that being said, there is a particularly macabre part of the Pinterest world who fully embraces the guts and gore of the holiday and seems to be obsessed with making edible things (that probably taste awesome) look absolutely stomach turning. Without further fluff, let’s dive into the weird part of Pinterest…

1.) Jello Worms


This is probably one of the more tame DIYs you’ll see on this list.


2.) Toxic Waste Mac & Cheese


I’m going to guess that after eating this, your mouth would be green from all the food coloring… but this is also one of the more tame items on this list.


3.) Hotdog Fingers


I saw this one pop up on my regular Pinterest feed a while back, and the missing fingernail part is what really makes these especially gross to me. Also the blood/ketchup. It’s all ew, but obviously tasty, because hotdogs are life.


4.) Severed Feet Loaf


It seems like making something flesh-related out of meat is extra gross… and of course, ketchup blood again. Fabulous.


5.) Dirty Q-tip “Treats”


The ew-factor for this is like, off the charts for me, personally.. .ear wax absolutely grosses me out. The actual Q-tips container casually hanging out with these is hurting my soul.


6.) Face Pie


This seems like it would be good for someone who’s really into Sweeney Todd…


7.) Kitty Litter Cake


Served in a real kitty litter box with a real kitty litter scooper… obviously they are brand new, but still… I don’t think I could get myself to eat this…


8.) Barbie Arm Rock Candy


My first question is, “who the heck makes this”, followed immediately by “WHO THE HECK IS GOING TO CASUALLY WALK AROUND SUCKING ON A BARBIE DOLL ARM?”


9.) Urine Shots


Because getting drunk by drinking fake urine is a great idea. This couldn’t possibly end badly for anyone at that party.


10.) Meat Baby


Like… this is the UNCOOKED version… I did NOT hunt for the cooked version. You’re welcome to do your own sick research… because googling “Cooked Meat Baby” is something I imagine people will do after reading this.

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Everyone have a safe Halloween!

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