Life Lessons: Why I Don’t Want Children and that’s OK

Let’s be real, it’s 2016. The world is overpopulated and people are selfish. But is it truly selfish to not want children?

Society had told us for many moons that the secret to life and happiness is a family. I see no happiness in blowing up like a balloon, enduring X hours of labor and cleaning diapers for two years to a lifetime depending on health. And that’s OK!

While society has pressured many into families, it isn’t perfect or everyone. Personally, I would much rather fight for children’s rights than raise my own. And that’s OK.


Let’s break down some of the basic expectations/ reasons:

1.) You go to school for your MRS degree as a promise for children.

Did we mention it’s 2016? Women are worth so much more than their wombs. We go to school to receive an education because we’re smart or because we want an education, a brighter future for ourselves and happiness. None of this requires a lover or a future with children.


2.) But who will take care of you when you’re old?

It’s called the healthcare industry. People make a living off of old people who need assisted living. It’s fine to pay people to help you. You get help and company, and the workers can pay their bills.


3.) But it’s the normal thing to do!

Forget normal. Our world is burning. Normal doesn’t exist anymore. Normal is what you make it and what you believe in.


You want 10 kids? Bless your womb! You want to be single and free of commitment? Go do you!

With this, i’m not saying don’t have children. I’m saying no one should feel pressured to do things they don’t want to because it’s “tradition” or “normal.” I know for me, children aren’t the answer. I want to peruse and change the world – not be afraid of my blood living in it.

And that’s OK. Live life the way you want. I know I will.

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