Faren’s Nerd Moment: Top Ten Favorite Ylvis Songs

“Dog goes woof
Cat goes meow
Bird goes tweet
and mouse goes squeek”

-Ylvis, “The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)”


I am certain that you have heard the above lyrics and the rest of the song that follows. Ylvis’s “The Fox” became an instant hit. It’s quirky, it’s fun, and it’s catchy as hell. Something you may not know is that Ylvis totally does not have just one eccentric song. Oh no. They have an arsenal of them. Below, I have compiled a list of my top ten favorite Ylvis songs. Try not to fall in love with them. I dare you.


10. “A Capella”

Favorite lyric: “Oooo Woolen Hats/ Ahhhh Bap, Leather Straps/ oOoo Smile/ Look on your face like you know Jesus personally.”


9. “Language of Love”

Favorite lyric(s): “I can’t understand what you say! / But I’m falling in love anyway! / When you reach out and kiss me with Asian technique / My heart’s beating fast and we suddenly speak.”

“When a man loves a seal and a seal loves a man/ The moment a flipper is touching a hand.”


8. “Intolerant”

Favorite lyric:

“I can’t take / another cake/ I’m intolerant.”


7. “Work It”

Favorite lyric(s): 

“Your vagina is a self-cleansing muscular tract/ with over 50,000 nerve cells ready to act/ In fact 6.5 inches side to side/  and with a pH-value of 4.5!”

“You gotta work it/ He means you’re gonna have sex/ You gotta work it/ He’s not literally talking ’bout working / Oh baby / You gotta work that body right/ You gotta work it/ Again he’s talking ’bout sex/ You gotta work it / We’re not talking ’bout a traditional employment situation.”


6.”Jan Egeland”

Favorite lyric(s):

“Blue eyes / Firm hands/ Nice legs / Clean shaved body/ Drinking his protein shakes/ Spray-tan/ Skin cream/ And buttocks like he was eighteen/ He’s a peacekeeping machine.”

“When he’s sad he goes to funerals/ In unusually heavy rain/ Large amounts of water in his face/ But that doesn’t hide his pain/ He breaks down just like ha homo/ And starts crying just like a girl/ But I guess you can cry and still be a man/ If your day job is saving the world!”


5. “Pressure”

Favorite lyric(s):

“Do you like it when your taco gets fucked, baby? / Too much pressure make them shells go boom, baby!”

“As I was looking at the sky above/ I realized I was falling in love/ Pressure is the meaning of life/ I wanna marry it and make it my wife/ Have lots of little pressure kids/ Go on lots of little pressure trips/ To the pressure hills, watch the pressure sun, going down…/ While we’re kissin’ using pressure tongue!”


4. “Massachusetts”

Favorite lyric:

“Yeah, Massachusetts/ Paradise on earth/ Boston city skyline or a picnic in the park/ Checking out the nightlife and suddenly you’re sucking on a cock/ Massachusetts, greatest state of all/ Just because you’re kissin’ a man doesn’t make you gay/ Confused/ 1620 – the pilgrims came to town/ Mayflower/ Sometimes I watch The Lion King and I cry when Mufasa dies/ Prudential Tower/ City Hall and a lighthouse by the bay/ Who hasn’t ever seen a hunk on the bus and thought “Mmm, I wanna sit on your lap”?”


3. “The Cabin”

Favorite lyric:

“I’m gonna make you dinner, baby. I hope you like spaghetti!”


2. “Stonehenge”

Favorite lyric: 

“My wife applauds me in the kitchen/ When I tell her all I bought is from the local store/ (And) When the kids have gone to bed, we’re all alone/ She gives me a smile / Then she plays with my balls / (But?) All I think of is Stonehenge.”

“A giant granite birthday cake or a prison far too easy to escape?”


1. “Someone Like Me”

Favorite lyric: 

“I fucking love you, you cock-sucking son of a bitch!”


Bonus: The Sixties [Trailer]

“Holy fist-fucking father of fucker! That’s what I call guacamole!”


Are there any songs that you felt needed to be on this list instead? Let me know using the hashtag #FarensNerdMoment on Twitter!

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