Faren’s Nerd Moment: Cayetana

“And we’re both prone to misery, but you still get drunk and wanna hang out with me.” –Cayetana, “Serious Things Are Stupid”


A good friend and I were chatting a few weeks back and through swapping music, he sent me the song “Busy Brain” and I instantly fell in love. I figured that it’d be a one-off thing that I’d like this one song (I have grown very bitter towards music) and would hate the rest of their songs. Totally not the case. Their album, Nervous Like Me hasn’t left my CD player in my car. Yeah, people still use those. I thought I would use my Nerd Moment this week to discuss my favorite songs that I’ve come across and my favorite lyrics within those songs.


6. “Miss Thing”

Favorite lyric:

“At the end of your life/ All you’ll eat is ice cream.”


5. “Freedom1313”

Favorite lyric:

“So let me be forever hungry/ If it’s up to me, I will.”


4. “Black Hills”

Favorite lyric:

“Well, I’ve got ten gods but my devil’s the same.”


3. “Serious Things Are Stupid”

Favorite lyric: 

“My heart unthawed / And my brain unstalled/ Took time to comprehend.”


2. “Animal”

Favorite lyric:

“I wash your freckles, they don’t fade away.”


1. “Busy Brain”

Favorite lyrics:

“I felt it kicking / Inside my busy brain / It’s so anxiety driven / 10 years, it’s still the same.”

“I felt me slipping / Back to all my weird ways / Avoiding coffee or parties / And never taking subways.”

“I don’t want to change for the world/ I want the world to change for me.”


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Here’s a link to Nervous Like Me on Spotify:

Featured image captured from the music video, “Scott Get The Van, I’m Moving”

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