I’ll Raichu a Recipe: Homemade Applesauce

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I’m so excited to bring you this super easy recipe! While store bought applesauce is fine, I’ve found that it really just isn’t quite as tasty as the stuff I’ve made myself! I started making my own applesauce around the time my son was 6 months old, for him to eat as some of his first foods. By now, I make it pretty regularly at the house for all of us to enjoy by itself as a snack or with our breakfast or lunch!


3-6 Apples of your preference.

Apple Pie Spice


Pearing Knife

Cutting board

Cooking pot


Food processor

Empty Jar/Container









  1. If you don’t like the skin of the apple, I suggest peeling the apple first. However, I don’t mind the skin in my applesauce so I leave it on!img_4322
  2. Chop the apples into cubes and put them in a pot of water.
  3. Depending on your personal preference, add the honey and apply pie spice to the pot and bring to a boil.
    Fun side note about the honey I used: I recently went on vacation with my husband and some of our friends to Gatlinburg, TN. While there, I found this amazing line of infused honeys! They are called Bee in Your Bonnet and luckily, you can purchase them online here. I tried several in the store, and this one really just blew me away. The Lemon Drop infused honey is the perfect addition to my baking arsenal, as I use regular honey to naturally sweeten things. I also imagined that this would be amazing for a sore throat!
  4. You’ll boil these bad apples until they are soft. You can test this by sticking a fork into them.
  5. Drain the apples for the most part either in a colander or I used a spaghetti scoop and just scooped them directly from the pot to my food processor…probably not the most pro way to do it, but it was effective. Do reserve some of the water (which is now a very weak beginning to apple cider, if that’s what you’re in to.)
  6. Put the apples in your food processor with a bout 1 tablespoon of the water. You don’t need much. Blend until smooth!
  7. Store in a jar or plastic container in the fridge!

PokéMom Trainer Tip- Mini waffles and applesauce are a simple but awesome breakfast, and applesauce is a great alternative syrup for messy toddlers. Way less sticky than syrup but still sweet!


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