[Review] BzzAgent: International Delight Simply Pure BzzCampaign

Thanks to BzzAgent & International Delight, I got a chance to try one of their new coffee creamers!

The BzzKit: 

In my BzzKit, I received a coupon for a free International Delight® Simply Pure® Coffee Creamer, coupons to share the pure delicious joy with friends, and a set of International Delight cork coasters.

Once I got my BzzKit, I had to find a store that sold the specific coffee creamer I was looking for. Luckily, it was easy to find a store using the International Delight “where to buy” feature on their website. 

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So I did. While it wasn’t a big deal, I was disappointed to find that none of my regular grocery stores carried that particular product yet, meaning I’d have to make a special trip to an unfamiliar store. But, considering I got it for free, I didn’t really mind. Beggars can’t be choosers, am I right?

Decisions, Decisions:

#PrettyNerdyMama #GotItFree #SimplyPureCreamer +BzzAgent +International Delight

There were three flavors to choose from; Hazelnut, Vanilla, Caramel. I decided to try the hazelnut since I usually go for vanillas and caramels. I suppose I felt like trying something different as a little treat!

What I Thought:

For my review, I used a pretty basic coffee [Folders House Blend]. I did not add sugar like I usually do as well so that I could taste more of the creamer’s flavors. I started by adding 1 tablespoon of creamer for my 8oz cup of coffee, which is the normal amount I use per cup of coffee.

#PrettyNerdyMama #GotItFree #SimplyPureCreamer +BzzAgent +International Delight 

Visually, the creamer was a smooth, rich cream which makes sense since International Delight created this using real ingredients: real milk, cream, and real cane sugar. I could smell the sweet and subtle hazelnut aroma even after it was mixed with my coffee. Upon my first taste, I decided to add a second tablespoon of creamer to my cup so that I could get a stronger taste of the creamer’s flavor. I was very pleased with the taste and texture of the creamer, after adding the second tablespoon I could clearly taste a natural hazelnut flavor and enjoyed the smooth, creamy texture it added to my coffee. I typically don’t buy hazelnut flavored creamer because it has an artificial taste to it that I do not like. I was very pleased that this didn’t have that artificial taste at all. 

Coffee Catch Up:

#PrettyNerdyMama #GotItFree #SimplyPureCreamer +BzzAgent +International Delight

I love that BzzAgent encourages their participants to interact with people and invite friends over to enjoy the free products too. It was the perfect excuse to get my friend Shana and her daughter (aka, my future daughter-in-law) over for a playdate with me and my son! We even posted for a selfie so I could increase my BzzScore!

The Final Score:

Overall, I’d give the International Delight Simply Pure Hazelnut Coffee Creamer 4 out of 5 heart emojis because it wasn’t sold at my regular store, meaning I wouldn’t likely be able to purchase it regularly in the future and because it took more creamer that I usually use to get a good sense of the flavor. 

#PrettyNerdyMama #GotItFree #SimplyPureCreamer +BzzAgent +International Delight

That being said, the flavor was a refreshing change from all the artificial flavors I’m used to tasting every day and it was a wonderful treat during my midday coffee break during my son’s nap time! Should it be available at my regular stores, I’d definitely purchase more!

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