[Environmentally Friendly Recap] CBS’s Zoo S2E4: The Walls of Jericho and S2E5: The Moon and the Star

I hate cliff hangers. Last year Zoo did a pretty good job of only leaving us hanging at the end of the season (or the second to last episode of a season—‘cause, you know, that’s the perfect time to throw in a plane crash). Not this year! This year they kill off one of the main characters in the fourth/fifth episode!


The end of episode four has intelligence agent Chloe Tousignant (Nora Arnezeder) and new comer Dariela Marzan (Alyssa Diaz) racing against poisonous gas after crashing Radon Global’s fancy party. Even though the girls displayed the most realistic acting I have ever seen by actually taking off their high heels before they got into a gun fight with Radon Global’s men, it’s not enough to save Chloe when a stray bullet hits a canister of the poison the corporation has created to kill off all of the mutating animals. Of course, we don’t know for sure that the poison has killed Chloe until episode five, where she regains consciousness just long enough to tell everyone that Jamie is in Caraquet and that she’s involved with some “courier.”


The terrifyingly interesting part about this new poison that Radon Global has developed is that it’s not supposed to hurt humans—as long as it’s distributed with a neutralizing gas. Sort of like how pesticides are supposed to kill bugs but not crops. As Chloe’s death clearly shows, though, Radon Global not only has a way to kill all of the animals on planet Earth, but also all of the people. And yet, no one seems to be concerned about that. They may be a little busy fighting off snakes and polar bears, but still, that’s no excuse!


How would you feel if the government proposed dropping “harmless” gas over your homes in order to kill a dangerous creature? Comment below, or join the conversation at The Unrefined Forum!


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