[Environmentally Friendly Review] Finding Dory

After 13 years, the original fans of Finding Nemo (2003) finally get their long called-for sequel, and it does not disappoint! While I will admit that the jokes and some of the new characters seemed a bit more childish than those from Nemo, Dory’s search for her family still hits you in the feels.

While taking a new direction with their familiar plot, Disney spends less time looking for Dory’s parents in the ocean and more time exploring The Marine Life Institute in California. Flashes of memories send Dory from one exhibit to another, looking for the one she used to call home. Throughout her adventure with Marlin, Nemo, a near sighted whale shark, an echo-location-less beluga, and a seven-legged octopus, Dory discovers the true meaning of family and receives a much needed confidence boost in the memory department.


Finding Dory may have had a happy ending for our favorite fishies, but the founders of Saving Nemo fear the ending won’t be so happy for the real marine life of the Great Barrier Reef. Despite both Nemo and Dory emphasizing the importance of releasing animals back into their natural habitats, clownfish sales have increased exponentially since the 2003 film. According to the Saving Nemo founders, Karen Burke da Silva and Anita Nedosyko, over 1 million clownfish are taken from the wild every year, and many of the methods of extraction cause damage to the reefs themselves. Burke da Silva and Nedosyko have started breeding clownfish in an attempt to preserve those out on the reef. Unfortunately, blue tangs—aka Dory—do not reproduce in captivity. Every blue tang in every aquarium you see has been snatched from their original homes in the sea.


In an attempt to bring about awareness to the plight of these sea creatures and to convince Ellen DeGeneres—the voice of Dory—to be their spokesperson, the Saving Nemo foundation has started their One Million Kisses for Nemo campaign. They need you to take a selfie to show that you care about these threatened species, and for the next week only, Omnibus Journal will throw in an added bonus if you show the love! Just follow the steps below!

  1. Make your best fishie kissy face
  2. Take a selfie
  3. Post your picture to Instagram with the tags #fishkiss4nemo @savingnemo_ @theellenshow
  4. Share your post with omnibus.journal

*Don’t have an Instagram? No worries! Post your picture to any social media site with the proper tags and share it to our respective site!*

#fishkiss4Nemo @savingnemo_ @theellenshow *fish is not required*

#fishkiss4Nemo @savingnemo_ @theellenshow *fish is not required, but isn’t Olivia cute!?*

We’ll use a random generator to pick a winner from the shared posts. The lucky person will get a $25 Fandango gift card e-mailed to them so they can take a friend to go see Finding Dory! Or, if they’ve already seen Finding Dory and don’t have any interest in seeing it a fifth time, they could go see some other movie. Maybe The Shallows? That takes place in the ocean too.

All photos courtesy of Disney.

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