10 Pinteresting Things I Won’t Be Trying for the 4th of July

Along the lines of the idea of Pinterest fails, here are some things that I stumbled upon via Pinterest in relation to the 4th of July that I will NOT be attempting.

  1. Red, White, & Blue Deviled Eggs


    Nope. Do not mess with perfection, especially by adding unnatural colors to it.

  2. Firecracker Cakes 


    So much wasted cake…………why?!?!!?!!

  3. Patriotic Waffles 


    Someone is overachieving at being American if they are making these.

  4. These Patriotic “Mom ordered an extra shot of espresso at Starbucks today” Cookies


    Seriously, these are beautiful and I’d be sad trying to eat such a beautiful thing.

  5. Patriotic Oreos


    Pretty sure altering an oreo (and by an oreo, I mean a double stuffed oreo because let’s be real those are the only ones that exist) is just downright unpatriotic!

  6. Taco Salad Flag 


    This one has ‘Merica all over it…er…yeah…anyways, moving on…

  7. Forth of July Ice Cream Sandwich


    Bonus points if the sprinkles are from last year OR you bought and assemble these during your lunch break before you have to be at the party.

  8. Giant Jenga Game 


    This seems like a fun idea until you are all drunk with your friends and you have 2×4 pieces of wood fall and break your toes because someone can’t hold her liquor, Becky…

  9. Blue Noodles


    Seriously, though, can we stop coloring food that doesn’t need to be colored like this ever?

  10. Red White & Blue Skittles Infused Vodka

    “Actually, this seems like a pretty good idea.” -Vodka

    Would you try anything on this list? Have you? How do you have the time? Teach me your ways….

    But in all seriousness, everyone have a safe 4th of July celebrating America with your friends and family in any way that makes you happy!!!

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