[Review] PinchMe.com: Pet Snacks and Greek Yogurt Dressing

If you’ve never heard of PinchMe.com, then you’re welcome. I’ve been trying samples through this subscription box (which is 100% FREE by the way) for several months now and I’ve been overall pleased with the products I’ve gotten to try.

Here’s how it work: You answer a series of surveys about yourself, your household, etc. in relation to products you might purchase. For example, they asked if I had pets. I have a cat, Lily, and a dog, Jake…which is why they sent me samples of pet snacks! This is nice because pet snacks are not something I usually purchase for my pets, especially my dog Jake. He’s always been picky about dog treats and doesn’t like to use dog bones, so I always hate when I’ve purchased something for him that he’ll never use.

This box contained two different pet food snack samples and coupons, as well as a sample of Greek yogurt salad dressing.

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Sample 1. Hidden Valley Greek Yogurt Ranch Dressing

My Rating: I’d give this overall a 3 out of 5.

First, we’ll start with my experience with the Hidden Valley Greek Yogurt Ranch Dressing. I was pretty excited about this, as we use a lot of ranch dressing in my household (myself and my son put it on everything) and I’ve also been trying to incorporate healthier alternatives into our diets. I was hesitant about trying this product because I do not like Greek yogurt…It’s something about the texture it has that I do not find pleasant. But, I have been seeing it pop up as a healthier alternative to yogurts and such and figured heck, as long as it’s free, I’ll give it a try.

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It definitely had that classic ranch flavor going for it with a subtle hint of the greek yogurt, with the texture being about the same as regular ranch dressing. For someone who actually likes Greek yogurt, this may not be a selling point, as you may be looking for more of that flavor here. I currently use the same brand’s light ranch dressing. I decided to do a comparison of the nutritional facts for myself…


The Greek yogurt has only 60 calories per serving, with the light ranch coming in at 80 calories. That’s honestly not a huge difference, but for some that could be a selling point. The Greek yogurt dressing also has 2g less total fat and 20mg less sodium. Aaaaaaaaaaand that’s pretty much it. It also has, you know, that Greek yogurt flavor hanging around that I’m not super in to. While it seems like it’s slightly healthier option, the flavor isn’t enough to make me want to switch. I’ll be sticking with my regular light ranch. But, I’m glad I had a chance to try it before I bought some that I’d never use!

Next up, we have my pet testers Lily & Jake to let you know what they think!

Sample 2. Purina Pro Plan Savor Adult Roasted Slices made with Real Chicken

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Jake’s Rating: If he could speak, he’d probably say 5 out of 5 stars. 

Here’s Jake the Dog with his review of the Purina Pro Plan Savor Adult Roasted Slices made with Real Chicken (yeah, I agree, that’s a long ass name for a  dog treat.)

The fact that my dog ate this is already a good sign. He’s very picky about textures and these were soft and easy for him to chew. Some of the selling points that Purina lists though were interesting.

“Real Chicken Breast is the First Ingredient”

“Made Without Corn, Wheat or Artificial Colors or Flavors”

“Oven Roasted for a Taste Dogs Love”

It seemed to remind me visually of a McDonald’s chicken nugget, which I’m sure was appealing to my dog as well. Jake loves his fast food. The sample contained 3 treats total, which I feel is more than enough for a dog to try. I’d definitely actually consider buying these for him in the future since he actually ate them.

Sample 3. Purina One Purposeful Nutrition Tender Selects Blend with Real Chicken

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Lily’s Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. 

Lily ate this food exactly the same way as she eats her usual food, so I can’t really say it was a better experience for her.

As her owner, and the one buying her food, I did like that this product is marked as veterinarian recommended, as her current cat food isn’t. From looking at the packaging,  I also find it worth mentioning that pet food companies are really using the fact that their products are made with “real” chicken as a selling point, which I find interesting. I’m glad because it seems that pets have been getting fake chicken for a long time. It also makes me curious as to where exactly fake chickens come from…yeah…anyway. She enjoyed the food quite a bit.

It seemed like a really generously sized sample as well, which when transitioning a cat to a new food, is nice. It’s actually better for a cat’s digestive system to eat the same food each day, so when transitioning your cat to a new food, it’s best to progressively mix their old food with their new food. I don’t think I’ll be switching foods just yet, but it’s good to know that she would eat this one if we needed to switch.

And that’s it! Overall, a pretty good PinchMe box this time around! Have you tried PinchMe yet? I’d love to hear feedback from others about their experiences! Do you know about another free sample subscription box to try? Share it with us!

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