[Review] Orange Is The New Black S04E01: “Work That Body For Me”

“Nobody knows you, gangster with an A.”

Spoiler Alert: You have been warned. There will be spoilers ahead. Tread carefully.


The episode opens precisely where we left off the ladies of Litchfield Prison: enjoying a hot day jumping around in the lake. We find Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” and Maureen kind of innocently exploring each other’s “soft parts”. Maureen presents the idea to Crazy Eyes that they shouldn’t go back to Litchfield; they should stay out in the real world. On Litchfield property however, there is still trouble brewing. We find Laura Prepon’s character Alex being strangled by the guard (one of Kubra’s hitmen) that cornered her in the greenhouse at the end of season 3. Have no fear! Lolly (Lori Petty) comes in at just the right time to kick the shit out of him. They find themselves in even more of a predicament when the guard’s phone goes off and the guy is requesting a picture of Alex dead. And then, he asks for a tit pic. Prince Charming, we have found you at last.

Kubra wants proof of Alex's death, he tells the hitman over text. So Alex poses as dead, and Lolly takes a picture. Unfortunately, that's not enough for Kubra.

Piper is still clinging on her to basic white bitch privilege as hard as she possibly can. No changes here on the Chapman front, folks. I’m just as bored with Piper as you guys probably are at this point. Secondary characters are typically more well received anyway, but Piper’s story isn’t really the center point anymore. They have attempted to shift focus back onto her throughout the seasons, but we could probably do without her at this point. I’m just not as invested in her anymore, especially after kicking Larry (Jason Biggs) aside. She’s essentially the show’s new Larry. Or Jerry? Gerry? Who knows.

I find some of the most interesting story comes from the staff at Litchfield–namely Joe Caputo (Nick Sandow). This character has some of the most “finally, he gets some good luck” moments intermixed with the “man dude, you got fucked” moments. We definitely have this displayed for us during this episode where in the midst of not even five minutes, he is declared Warden and then, suddenly, there is a shadow cast over that as he learns that the women of Litchfield are off galavanting in the lake.

New Character Spotlight:

Judy King aka the Martha Stewart of Litchfield. I’m interested to see how the writers form her character. Is she going to kind of go off in the shadows and have her own motives (ala Lolly) or be a Queen Bee and face off against Red as so many others have tried and failed?

Memorable Quotes: 

“Smoking is disgusting…I was going to take a nap.” – Joel Luschek

“I ate lint.” -Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren

Highlights of the episode:

Morello discussing how her significant other used to fuck her with a shoe. But it’s cool. It was a new shoe, a loafer, to be exact.

“Last Resort” by: Papa Roach playing while Lolly and Alex hack up the guard to pieces. Pure fucking gold.


Stay tuned for more reviews of season four episodes of Orange Is The New Black!

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