Etsy & Storenvy Spotlight: The Comeback Kid Search Adventure

It’s been…ew…let’s not talk about how long my computer has been out of commission (obviously much longer than I wanted or anticipated.) The good news is that I’m BACK with lots of things to share with you!

As I sat down to write my comeback article, I thought it would be fun to do something I always enjoyed; searching through Etsy and Storenvy for some fun theme appropriate items that were made with love by creative small businesses and crafty type individuals! So this is what I typed in my search bar…

And these are the 3 best things I found!

  1. “Just Kidding” Funny Graffic Tee made by Ravenchicstudio
    Snag this sweet T-shirt for just $17.99 and let people know just what kind of person you are.


  1. Custom Band Logo Coffee Mug made by This Minor Key
    Get a mug with your favorite band on it for just $9.00 and enjoy a hot cup of coffee!


  1. Comeback Kid/Kip Moore/Digital Song Poster/ Printable made by ataglancegraphics
    If you’re into posters, buy this design (or the football version) for just $10.00 and then print it to any size you’d like! This one would be super cute in a small pink frame!


Hope you found this comeback article at least somewhat interesting! I’ve got some pretty fun ideas in store for the future! I’ll be posting all future Etsy&Storenvy Spotlight articles on the 3rd Friday of every month, so join us next month for more featured stores and products!

What kinds of things would you like to see featured on the next Etsy&Storenvy Spotlight? Would you like to suggest a product from Etsy or Storenvy to feature next month? Leave a comment below!

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