[Review] The Overnight

At first glance, The Overnight seems like one of those late night cheesy comedies you might accidentally stumble across on Netflix. If that is the movie you desire, that is not the movie you will get if you decide to watch The Overnight.

At 1 a.m., my husband and I were in between two movies. We’d narrowed it down to The Overnight and Slow Learners. We are huge Adam Pally fans. We are also huge Adam Scott fans. (We have a thing for Adams, apparently…) After about 10 minutes of indecision, I said, “Okay. 1 or 2.” This chose our destiny. The next 79 minutes of our lives were planned. Let the awkwardness ensue.

The movie starts off with a bang–literally. Alex (Adam Scott) making circles with his penis inside of Emily (Taylor Schilling). Their child walks in. They scream and throw blankets around to cover themselves. Seems like the start of a typical comedy about parenthood, right? There is a conversation between Alex and Emily about a birthday party that Alex is going to take their son to by himself. This spirals into a dialogue about how she works too much and he gets no social interaction because he’s Mr. Mom. Fast forward to the next scene where Alex is sitting by himself watching his son play at the park. Emily runs on a few minutes later to save the day with gummy worms for the kid; the kid makes a new friend out of the newly acquired worms. This is when we are introduced to Kurt (Jason Schwartzman). So far, so good, right? Nothing too off center about this yet. Kurt strolls up to them looking like this:


No weird creeper vibes here, folks. 100% Hipster Chic. 

They talk for a few minutes and ultimately, Kurt decides that Alex and Emily need to come over that evening because their kids are getting along swimmingly. I’m not going to offer a play-by-play for the rest of the film, but the film needed to be set up for you properly before I gave you my full two cents.

This was not a horrible movie. This was not a hilarious one either. There are so many moments of pure awkwardness that it makes your stomach hurt. Your stomach should be hurting from laughter if you decide to throw on a comedy. There is something to be said about how they analyze both couples, their friendships with each other, and their dysfunctions in the film. The most intriguing part of the whole movie is the fact that both couples look extraordinarily similar and the characters have very comparable flaws. Both couples struggle from not getting enough love from their significant other due to either fleeting interest or simply, desire for something new. Alex and Charlotte (Judith Godreche) have a need to be desired by their significant other, while Kurt and Emily both have wandering eyes and have lost their desire for their partners.

The_Overnight_72125 the-overnight

Where this movie fails is the deliverance of Alex’s hatred of his body and that correlating to his (spoiler warning) homosexuality. We end up with a really hot steamy orgy. Their kids interrupt. (Full circle, right? How clever…) And then, the movie ends with them meeting up some months later and it not being awkward.

I feel like I have no idea what this movie wanted to accomplish. I feel that honestly the writers wrote up to the climax and didn’t know what to do, so they threw together a bunch of cliches because they forgot what movie they were writing. A+ for Adam Scott acting. F- for plot. I would skip this movie. You’ll thank me later.

Rating: 4/10.

Photo courtesy of The Orchard

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