[First Impressions] Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X

If you follow my series, Faren’s Nerd Moment or are a close friend of mine, one of the first things you will figure out is that I’m a huge Kingdom Hearts fan. I’ve played the games since they first came out on the PlayStation 2. They have become a part of me now. I impatiently wait for the next games to drop (as holy shit, I swear we’ve been waiting for KH3 for a billion years now) and as the years go on, I get even more solidified as a fan. I bought all of the Remixes that they released on PS3 and all it did was make me long for those 4 a.m. mornings where I stared wide eyed at my TV trying to silently and furiously beat the world boss.

Whenever my friend Kyle and I were live-tweeting the Kingdom Hearts III E3 Event, they focused a section on Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X [Chi]. Being pretty solidified in the KH fan base, I figured I’d try it out eventually whenever it came to the U.S. Since it just dropped on April 7th, I thought I would give you my first impression of the game.

Faren’s Note: I’ve only played about 20-30 minutes of the game, so I haven’t finished it obviously, so do keep in mind this is only my first impression of this game and I will offer up a full in-depth analysis once I am finished.

Downloading The Game2016-04-11 07.54.18

The download for this game took an exorbitant amount of time.
However, there was a nice little intro video that was shown – it was very Beauty and the Beast-esque. Something I will point out in regards to downloading this game: many of you will probably not have enough space to play this on your phone. I don’t know why, but I had to install this on my tablet instead. I had at least 2 gigs of space left on my phone and the download still kept telling me I had insufficient space. Not cool, Squenix. Not cool.


2016-04-11 07.56.08

So far, so good. Everything seems to be in the same vein as previous Kingdom Hearts games. The mobile game offers an even more cartoonish approach than they have offered in the past. Even more color, even more playful. Even though we are shown a little bit more cartoonish version of the worlds we’ve come to adore; we are still greeted with the same familiar phrases, such as what is shown above, “This is where your journey begins”. You’ll see below more screenshots of Dwarf Woodlands (Snow White world).

New Addition: Unions

This is an interesting addition that I’m very intrigued to see how it’s all gonna pan out. You get to choose what’s called a Union and you have 5 choices: the bear Ursus, the snake Anguis, the unicorn Unicornis, the fox Vulpes, and the leopard Leopardus.

It reminded me a lot of Game of Thrones and I felt like I was choosing my House. (House Lannister, FTW!) Something that was a little no bueno for me was the fact that they don’t explain anything about each of these unions to make you want to choose one over the other. This felt a lot like a throwback to the old games where you chose between a sword, shield, or wand, but this lacked any depth behind those choices and that bummed me out.

Going with my gut to choose the cutest thing, I chose the Vulpes Union! I have no idea what the hell this means, but hooray!smiley-150837_960_7202000px-Emojione_1F389.svg

New Addition: Customization

The ability to customize your avatar is cool. I’m a sucker for customization; I’m a huge fan of The Sims games (Not ashamed to admit it). I also loved it when Pokemon finally introduced customizing your character in Pokemon X and Y. I was a sucker for that cool Lumiose City shop, Boutique Couture. I just wanted to be stylish, damnit! Anyway, I digress. It’s a welcome addition to this game as well.

I’m pretty adorbs, right? Look at me being all menacing and taunting those heartless with my kickass Keyblade! I’m so cute and stylish. Look at me! It’s okay guys, I know. I’m super freakin’ cute!

New Combat Style

You get used to one type of combat style and then they change it. Unchained is no different. Kingdom Hearts: Chains of Memories and Re:Chain of Memories had cards; Unchained has medals.


You get Lux (helps you level up), Munny (let’s you buy things… obvi!), and various items for completing quests. I have not gotten enough lux or munny or really anything to really elaborate on how it feels to spend any of these things, so in my full-depth analysis, I will speak more to this.


First Impressions Verdict

I’m pretty stoked to delve more into this game, as it seems to be just familiar enough to the other KH games to make me want to play it. There are a couple of noticeable “mobile game” annoyances that I’m not too thrilled about, but it’s a mobile game. It’s going to have those annoying elements integrated into them. I am super fascinated with this whole “union” system and how that is going to come into play. I hope it isn’t just a swishy click combat system foray through all of the worlds I’ve been through before. I’m definitely worried about that. We’ll see though! Until then, here’s the trailer they released at E3, if you aren’t convinced to play yet:


Stay tuned for my in-depth review of Kingdom Hearts:Unchained X!

All photos taken by me in-game.

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  1. All the cool kids are in Vulpes! I’m sure you’ve already figured this out, Faren, but you can interact with other players in your union! You have to be in a party though (so instead of talking to ALL the cool kids in Vulpes, you can talk to 0-30 cool kids). KH FOREVER! 🙂

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