Faren’s Nerd Moment: Top Ten Favorite TV Villains

In a world of locked rooms, the man with the key is the king, and honey, you should see me in a crown.”

Jim Moriarty, Sherlock


From Netflix to Hulu to Amazon to cable TV, we have seen a vast array of brilliant villains. There’s nothing more thrilling than taking in every last syllable from the mouth of someone on the brink of utter insanity. Below are a list of ten villians from various television shows that have captivated me with their evil.

Note: I also want to mention that this was the hardest list I think I’ve ever done. I started working on this list around the time Jessica Jones finally dropped on Netflix!


10. Lawrence “The Law” Pemberton from Video Game High School


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Favorite Quote: “Let’s hand glide out of this loser emporium.”

Best Episode: S01E01 “Shot Heard Around The World”just when you think “The Law” couldn’t possibly be that bad, he breaks our main character, BrianD’s keyboard! What a jerk!


9. Rachel Leyton in Misfits


Favorite Quote: “You don’t have to behave like this; you can be so much better.”

Best Episode: S01E06, Rachel’s villainy truly reigns here as her cult named Virtue rises to power. She has a pretty badass power which is the power of suggestion and tries to turn our dirty foul mouthed group of misfits one by one into “pure of heart” gentlemen and women.


8. Kilgrave in Jessica Jones


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Favorite Quote: “Bitches, right?”

Best Episode: S01E10 “AKA 1000 Cuts”, there are many huge moments, but the one that I will never forget is where Kilgrave actually uses his powers to force someone to cut her ex-wife 1000 times. He also kills his mom. He’s real screwed up.


7. The Governor from The Walking Dead


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Favorite Quote: “You can lose a lot of soldiers but still win the game.”

Best Episode: S04E08 “Too Far Gone”, after a few episodes of some serious character development, we ultimately see The Governor is really just going to be The Governor, no matter how close he seems to get to people. We lose a very important character in the episode and we truly see The Governor finally fall from his reign of power, which was very much so needed.


6. Gustavo Fring from Breaking Bad

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Favorite Quote: “And a man, a man provides. And he does it even when he’s not appreciated, or respected, or even loved. He simply bears up and he does it. Because he’s a man.”

Best Episode: S04E13 “Face Off”, the episode where we all finally get what we want–to see Gus finally receive some goddamn karma for his actions.


5. Joffrey Baratheon in Game of Thrones


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Favorite Quote: “Everyone is mine to torment! You’d do well to remember that, you little monster.”

Best Episode: S04E02 “The Lion and the Rose”, It seems a little like a cop out, but sorry, guys. Seeing Joffrey turn purple was a beautiful moment.

Bonus: Can’t resist sharing this: If King Joffrey’s quotes were motivational posters.

Bonus #2: If you haven’t seen Season 6’s trailer, watch it here.


4. The Master in Doctor Who


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Favorite Quote: “The drumming. [drums fingers on the table] Can’t you hear it? [drums again] I thought it would stop, but it never does. Never, ever stops. Inside my head. The drumming, Doctor. The constant drumming.”

Best Episode: S03E12 “The Sound of Drums”. Vote Saxon! We are introduced to The Master as Harold Saxon, Prime Minister and his army of Toclafane. We also get a lot of wonderful, witty banter between The Doctor and The Master and we see how truly off The Master is in their exchanges.

Bonus: This song is featured in this episode and it is the catchiest song in existence.

Bonus #2: Like Doctor Who and Pokemon? Watch this and try not to laugh.


3. Jim Moriarty in Sherlock


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Favorite Quote: “If you don’t stop prying, I will burn you. I will burn the heart out of you.”

Best Episode: S01E03 “The Great Game”. While it’s not the first time we see Jim Moriarty on screen, this is the first we are properly introduced to him and man, what an entrance.

Bonus: If you didn’t get a chance to see “The Abominable Bride”, do it. While it was exciting to see on the big screen, it’s important to view if you’re as much of a Sherlock fan as myself.


2. Wilson Fisk from Daredevil


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Favorite Quote: “This city doesn’t deserve a better tomorrow! It deserves to drown in its filth! It deserves people like my father! People like you!”

Best Episode: S01E08 “Shadows In The Glass”. The episode where we finally see the man behind the monster. We see him go about a pretty typical day in the life of Wilson Fisk, but we also finally are introduced to his truly saddening backstory. Throughout the first season of Daredevil, I was pretty set on hating Fisk. After this episode? I grew to love him a little bit.


1. Sylar from Heroes


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Favorite Quote: “Suresh was right. It’s so clear now. How it all works, pieces fitting together. It is in the brain.”

Best Episode: S01E10 “6 Months Ago”. We are introduced to Sylar as Gabriel Gray, the son in Gray & Sons (a clock fixing company), a man deeply infatuated with fixing things. This is one of the first episodes where we see Sylar as a traditional human being, not a monster. It sheds a lot of light on how he reacts to having his power when Peter Petrelli seemingly has the same power he possesses, but uses it for evil instead.

 Why He’s #1 On My List: I have watched many, many television shows, but no one can even remotely touch Sylar in my book. His character was honestly just fucking cool. From his fascination with wanting to know how things work to being just this total bad ass that you don’t trust at all. Due to watching Heroes, I went out of my way to go watch other things Zachary Quinto (actor who plays Sylar) in other things. If you’ve never seen American Horror Story, do it now. He plays a few different characters in the show’s various seasons and honestly? He brings life to every single character, but none of them will ever come close to Sylar.


Do you have a top ten list of your favorite TV villains? If not, do you at least have a favorite? Share it with us below!

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