The Walking Dead – Who Will Negan Kill

The Walking Dead.  For most people, that’s all you have to say to start a conversation.  What started as a show that almost didn’t get renewed for a second season has become one of the hottest shows on television, and is only rivaled by Game of Thrones.  They’ve worked hard at making most of the characters feel integral to the survival of the group and of the show, which means that nearly all of the deaths leave some sort of a significant impact on the viewers.

The season 6 finale will bring us the proper introduction of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the infamous Negan and everyone has been asking the same question: Who’s going to meet Lucile (the aforementioned villain’s weapon) in the impending finale?

In the comic books, Glenn is the survivor to meet his end upon the initial meeting with Negan.  In a particularly gruesome scene, he is beaten to death by Negan to show the rest of the group that he doesn’t mess around.

Every now and then the television show will follow the comics while changing bits up.  At other times it veers wildly away from the comic book.  So now we’re all left wondering.

Below is a list of who I think are the likely candidates to feel Negan’s wrath in the upcoming season 6 finale of The Walking Dead.



Glenn Rhee

Obviously Glenn needs to be on this list, but he’s definitely at the bottom. He’s on this list because the upcoming situation is exactly how he dies in the comic books. The reason I have him so low is because they’ve already played the “is he or is he not dead” card with Glenn this season, but there is always that sliver of a chance.


Carl Grimes

Carl has a bit of a story with Negan down the line in the comics, something I’m pretty sure they’ll explore in season 7. However, if they really wanted to shake things up on the show, they could have Negan pulverize Carl in the season 6 finale.




One word: “Richonne.”

Every time something good happens to one of our survivors, something truly terrible isn’t far away.  Michonne has gone through some pretty drastic changes since her season 3 debut. From gloomy and angry to happy and in love with Rick, her character arc could end in one week and it would make sense.



Morgan Jones

I’m not really convinced that Morgan will be the one to die, but it is a possibility.  Either Morgan will live and learn that there are some people that need to die after he witnesses the senseless death of an innocent survivor, or he will die at the hands of Negan and Rick will honor his memory by always considering other options aside from just killing.


Daryl Dixon

Aside from Carol, Daryl has had the most change of anyone of the group. When we first met him in the first season, he was a wild hunter… almost animal-like. The Daryl we see now still has that wild side, but he’s kinder and cares more about having a place to settle down and call home. He also volunteered to scout for Alexandria.  Also, it seems that Jesus or Abraham (after surviving what was supposed to be his death in “Twice as Far”) What I’m trying to say is that his character arc is essentially over and there really doesn’t seem to be anywhere new you can take him.

However, I have a sneaking suspicion that Daryl might just survive the show’s entire run.



Carol Peletier

Oh Carol. What an incredible journey we’ve been on. She was just a sweet and abused housewife when she came into our lives. Carol then went through a fairly drastic change when she murdered two members of the group back at the prison and got herself a mighty impressive kill count since then. Now it would appear that she has come full circle which never bodes well for anybody in the Walker apocalypse.  So prepare yourself to lose Carol in a way that would make her late husband proud.


That’s my list.  Do you agree?  Who do you think will be Negan’s first victim in the season 6 finale?  Let us know in the comment section and don’t forget to Like our page on Facebook and share it with your friends!

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