Batman v Superman – Dawn of Justice [SPOILER Review]

As everyone knows, Batman v Superman – Dawn of Justice is one of the most anticipated comic book films of all time.  Not only is it the first time these two titans have fought in a live action film, but it is the first time they’ve been in the same live action film at all!

Although the Thursday night showing brought in an incredible (but not surprising) $27.7 million, reviews have been mixed to say the least.

However, I’m here to tell you not to listen to the critics… literally.  Listen below while my friend Joseph and I give our thoughts on Batman v Superman – Dawn of Justice.


PS. While I might be classified as a “critic,” don’t listen to critics.  Movie reviews are based on personal opinion (generally) and what Robbie Collin over at The Telegraph or A.O. Scott from the NY Times may think may not be the same as what you think about Batman v Superman – Dawn of Justice.

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