10 Songs That Help Me Get Through My Anxiety

Anxiety is brutal.

Anxiety is cruel.

Above all, anxiety is isolating.

Anxiety is different for everyone. What helps me may not help you. If you are ever going through a dark period and feel there is no one that cares, there is something out there to help you.

Always know that.

Though my anxiety tries to shake my spirit, I have found that music is the one thing at the end of the day that truly grounds me. I have compiled a list of ten songs that have helped ease me through my anxiety even in the darkest moments.

I hope you find comfort in them as well.


10. “Clocks” by: VersaEmerge

9. “Control” by: Halsey

8. “Nine In The Afternoon” by: Panic! At The Disco

7. “Existentialism On Prom Night” by: Straylight Run

6. “End All” by: The Narrative

5. “Mirrors” by: PVRIS

4. “Young Volcanoes” by: Fall Out Boy

3. “We Intertwined” by: The Hush Sound

2. “L.G. FUAD” by: Motion City Soundtrack


1. “Your Ex Lover Is Dead” by: Stars



Here’s my “Let’s Get Rid of Anxiety” playlist that I created on Spotify as well:

Featured image found on Beyond Anxiety & Depression.


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