[Spotlight Series] YouTube Star: BrickyOrchid8

By the end of January, YouTube gamer BrickyOrchid8 broke the 100,000 subscriber mark. Based out of Orange County, California, the 20-year-old took some time from his busy schedule to talk more about his channel, future plans, and a little bit more about himself.

“I really got started on YouTube as a hobby while I was working as an EMT, just making videos for fun and I figured I would try it out,” “Bricky” said.

“What gave me the idea for a lot of my content was when I was at a party with some friends. I was telling a story and my buddy’s girlfriend just seemed intrigued. When I finished, she was amazed and said I should do that for a living. So, now, that’s basically what I do.”

Bricky’s channel really started taking off about a year ago.

“What’s kind of funny, and probably turned out to be the best thing for me, was that my original video that caught on to people was taken down because I had a copyright violation on some music I had edited in. Since then, I’ve gotten a following from League of Legends and Counter Strike.

BrickyOrchid8’s content involves a wide variety of games with commentary and discussion guides, and of course, stories from past experiences. On Mondays, Bricky does weekly Vlogs where he reaches out to his fans to spur on further discussion.

He does all of his content by himself.

“Outside of the thumbnails for my “So You Want to Main” series, which I hired somebody for because there is no way I could draw that well; I do all of my game play captures, voice overs, and editing, myself.”

When it comes to the future of his channel, Bricky is quite ambitious in terms of subscriber goals.

“By the end of the year, my goal is to have 500,000 subs,” he said. “A lot of that comes from my League audience, but I feel that Overwatch has a lot of potential as well, and when it releases, I’m going to be doing character guides on that as well.”

As a gamer, Bricky likes a wide variety of titles and series as well.

“Some of my personal favorites are Mass Effect and the original Bioshock(2007), The Last of Us. Mass Effect is hands down my favorite, though, largely because the characters are so compelling. Now in terms of favorites for my channel, I have to say I really like playing League, Counterstrike, Warframe, Halo 5(2015), and Black Ops 3(2015).”

Bricky also offered a little advice to YouTubers that are just starting out.

“If it’s something that you really enjoy, just remain determined and don’t stop. You’ll spend hours making your content, editing and uploading. At first, nobody will notice them, maybe not even close friends and family, even if it’s good content. Just keep at it, and eventually your hard work will pay off.”

Bricky got the name for his channel while over at a friend’s house playing Call of Duty.

“Yeah, we were all playing and sometimes we would just use the random name generator. Eventually, BrickyOrchid8 came up and for some reason it just clicked. I think that name is still in use back on the 360, actually.”

To view his channel,  check out the link here.



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