[Review] Black Magick #1

Black Magick (Image Comics) had me intrigued from the very beginning. For a number of years, I’ve been reading and developing an interest in the occult. Having recently finished a book by Anton Lavey, this comic seemed like the next logical step for me.

The story begins in a remote wilderness location. The moon dimly lights the way as a group of scantily clad Wiccan followers circle around a roaring fire. The cultist leader speaks of the fall equinox, or the alignment of day, and night.

While the ancient ritual designed to usher in the era of nocturne is underway, we are suddenly transported back to modern times as a cell phone begins to ring obnoxiously. An embarrassed Rowan Black, a young detective for the local police, answers the phone reluctantly, and immediately rushes away to direct a hostage situation going on in town.

Upon arrival, the situation seems grim, yet ordinary as she begins attempting to bargain with the captor. But as she gets face to face with the strange man, he reveals that he knows far more about Black’s life than she could have possibly imagined. Many questions are raised as we begin to wonder who this perpetrator is, and exactly which parts of the young detective’s agenda he is aware of.

The writing of Greg Rucka is outstanding. He allows us to develop a sense of attachment to Rowan Black without giving much of her character traits away. In my opinion, what stands out the most, is the art of Nicola Scott.  She does such a fantastic job combining light and dark shading with small hints of color to paint a truly grim picture for the story to unfold on.

Without a doubt this inaugural issue had me yearning for more, if crime fiction with an occultist twist is your thing, then you should definitely give this “witch-noir” story a go!


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