Cosplay of the week: Bubblesgal0re as Deadmau5 Pikachu

Cosplayer: Bubblesgal0re

Cosplay: Deadmau5 Pikachu


Rebecca is a Kentucky based cosplayer.  Louisville is her “Convention home” as she calls it.  She goes to almost every Con in that area.  She’s twenty-five and has only been cosplaying for two years. Rebecca got her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture and minors in Art History and Philosophy from the University of Louisville.  “GO CARDS!”  Her “job” is her etsy store:  She also does commissions and odd-job builds, as well as fashion modeling.  “I actually got into cosplay from modeling for a close friend of mine, Corey Elmore, who does special effects makeup.  He would turn me into these (fantastically horrible) characters and I realized how much I love to dress up. I already had some of the craftsmanship skills needed, so from there I jumped right in.”  Her first cosplay was a genderbent Hellboy.  “It was full body paint, prosthetics, props, and sewing for my very first cosplay.  I’d like to think I’m ambitious!”

Photo taken by Hero Hotties

Photo taken by Hero Hotties

The idea for Deadmau5 Pikachu sprouted from a weird EDM phase  mixed with Rebecca’s obsession with Pokemon.  “I love to create mashups and this one seemed perfect.  Pikachu is a mouse pokemon, Dead(MOUSE), I could incorporate Pikachu’s glowing cheeks with Deadmau5’s lights.  When I’m creating a mashup concept, I’m playing off of their similarities.  And so many people ask how I make props and how I made my Deadmau5 head and you wanna know my secret? YOUTUBE.  I watch youtube builds constantly.  Also the RPF (Replica Prop Forum) and Instructables are phenomenal for makers.   I spend more time researching a build than I do actually making it.”

Rebecca loves cosplaying mash-ups.  She has made a few “show accurate” cosplays, but they don’t get the same reaction as a mash-up does.  “For example, my Mami cosplay from Madoka Magica is one of the most accurate that I have seen, but when you’re at a convention, you see a million of us, so the novelty isn’t there.  As opposed to my Cammy-Fett.  I’m the one and only! I created the concept of Cammy from Street Fighter mixed with Boba Fett from Star Wars, drew the costume, then made it.  Start to finish.  Whether it’s booty trolls or SF/SW fans, it gets way more attention and I can start up conversations with more people.  Because cosplaying for me is about sharing fandoms and I’d much rather talk about how awesome (insert fandom here) is than someone telling me how they like another cosplayer’s version better of my canon cosplay.”

Where can you expect to see Bubblesgal0re this year? Right now you can catch you at Wizard World Louisville where she will be a cosplay guest! You can also follow her on Facebook to see what other amazing cosplays she may come up with in the future and what conventions you might be able to catch her at next year!

Featured photo taken by Hero Hotties

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