Faren’s Nerd Moment: PVRIS

“Just envisage it, believe in yourself and never stop hustling.”

-Lynn Gunn (PVRIS)

This week’s Nerd Moment is geared around one of my newer music obsessions, the band, PVRIS (pronounced Paris). If you know me, you know that me finding an album by an artist where I can listen to it in its entirety is rare. Working a night shift now, I find myself in the weirdest spots of YouTube at 3 a.m., but luckily, I found these guys and their beautiful, haunting album, White Noise in the process. They also have a music video for most of the songs on the album and they aren’t haphazardly thrown together.

I just thought I would share with you my favorite 5 songs from White Noise. I’ll also include my favorite lyrics of each song. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


5. “White Noise”

Favorite Lyric: “Day by day/ I’m slowly replaced/ in your picture frames/ A brand new face/ on your pillowcase.”


4. “Eyelids”

Favorite Lyric: “I’ll face my fear of the cold nights/ when you leave me behind/ I felt your hands in my hair/ I felt your breath on my neck/ Yeah, I need to feel you again.”


3. “St. Patrick”

Favorite Lyric(s): 

“You give me something to think about/ that’s not the shit in my head”

“‘Cause I think you’re a saint/ And I think you’re an angel.”


2. “Holy”

Favorite Lyric(s): 

“You can right all the wrongs/ just to feel you belong/ But simply calling out sins/ don’t bring you closer to God”

“I think that chest must be heavy/ from that cross on your neck/ You only wear ’cause you’re wary/ of what comes next after your death.”


1. “Fire”

Favorite Lyric(s):

“And all the flames/  you kept in your brain/ Came out your lips and sent you straight/ into your own grave.”

“You were a walking, talking, corpse at best/ And I swear I couldn’t wait to get you off my chest/ And when you asked us why/ We couldn’t look you in your eyes,/ It’s hard to find life/ In something that’s already died.”


Bonus: I also love their cover of Sia’s “Chandelier”. You should check this out:

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Featured image courtesy of Rise Records

2 thoughts on “Faren’s Nerd Moment: PVRIS

  1. PVRIS is soooooo good!! It’s hard for me to listen to an album all the way through, but their album I literally listen to daily. Their cover of chandelier is soooo awesome I had never heard the original. I had heard there’s though, I looked up the original and it’s awful after hearin’ PVRIS

    1. I absolutely agree! I thought the concept behind “Chandelier” was decent and I don’t mind Sia too terribly much, but when I saw PVRIS was on Pop Goes Punk; I lost my mind! Haha.

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