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Cosplay of the Week:

Chelsey Cosplay



Chelsey is 23 years young and she has been cosplaying since 2010. She claims that her first costume was a “cheaply modified halloween costume”, but that she still had an awesome experience at her first convention. Cosplaying is Chelsey’s number one hobby. She feels extremely lucky and blessed to be able to show her artistic abilities, to have met the amazing people she has met, and to get the opportunity to be herself.

“My skills have grown so much throughout the years, I am very proud! Cosplaying is a learning experience, the more you practice at it, the more your skills improve.”

One of her strongest areas, she feels, would probably be the makeup skills she has to look like a character she cosplays as.

“I look nothing like them in real life, so it has been a challenge and lots of trial and error finding out what works best and what doesn’t. Makeup can truly make your cosplay stand out. It’s one of the finishing details that makes everything pop, it IS the icing on the awesome cake! haha I do a lot of contouring, I also pay attention to the characters eye shape, nose shape, jawline, eyebrows (VERY IMPORTANT), lips, the list goes on and on. I still have much to learn, just like everyone else and am constantly reminded of that every single day!”

What character does Chelsey most enjoy cosplaying as?

“I really enjoy every character I cosplay as, I can relate to all of them in some way. I choose my characters wisely and have to be passionate about them to make the true cosplay magic happen! (I sound like a huge dork, but that is because I am, and I’m okay with that!).”

Chelsey’s main goal through cosplaying is to inspire others.

“If I have inspired anyone then I feel like I have done my job and am very honored to have been the one to do so. I want to lift other cosplayers up, I don’t want them to feel discouraged about making a cosplay, not thinking they are skilled enough. I want them to have the courage to tackle these costumes, I believe in every single one of them.”

 Chelsey’s second goal is for her to get involved in more charity work through cosplaying. She said that she really wishes to work with children to be able to “brighten any child’s day.” Another goal she has is to attend more conventions as a cosplay guest. 

Where can you expect to catch Chelsey Cosplay next?

“My next con will be the Cincinnati Comic Expo, which I am a guest cosplayer and costume contest judge! Very honored and excited for this convention!! It is my favorite con of the year!”

A special note from Chelsey to anyone who might be thinking about cosplaying or taking their cosplay to the next level:

“I want everyone to know that YOU cosplay for YOU. Not for anyone else, not to please anyone else, for YOU. If you are happy with your work, that is all that matters at the end of the day. If something doesn’t turn out the way you expected, remember that it is a learning process, we all have to start some where. No one else started off any better than you did! I learned how to sew from YOUTUBE…haha so if I can do it, YOU CAN TO!!! Above all else, have fun and enjoy this amazing experience! “

Featured image courtesy of Nick Means Photography

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