Cosplay of the Week: Ashlynn Marie As Stitch

Cosplay of the Week:

Ashlynn Marie



Ashlynn is a 24-year-old cosplayer, artist, gamer and designer from Indianapolis, Indiana. She began her journey making Halloween costumes in 2008, but it wasn’t until she attended Gen Con in 2013 that she was opened to the world of cosplay. Ever since, she says that it has become an important part of her life.

This version of Stitch was inspired by the space uniform Stitch wears in the beginning of the movie and the suits from Mass Effect.

“I didn’t want to wear just a plain red suit, so I decided to give it some more details including the black sections. I also decided that his triangles and squares would pop more if they were made to look like armor.”

It probably took a few months to get the proper design for the suit before the final version was created. When it came to actually creating this cosplay, Ashlynn had to think outside of the box on what is practical and comfortable.

“I originally wanted to use foam armor but did not have as much experience in it, so I failed several times. I eventually went to worbla.”

The armor, gun, ears, antennas are all made from worbla. The chest piece, gun and body suit were the most complicated pieces in the process. Ashlynn found it hard to find the proper fit for the chest piece and have it maintain the shape needed. The gun was created out of a foam ball then she used aluminum foil and tape to create the shape before using worbla. The bodysuit was designed as a one piece in red fabric, then she used tape to tape of the pieces she wanted the black fabric to go.

Currently, Ashlynn is working on a Goddess version of Poison Ivy for this year. Next year will be Inuyasha (finally), Power Puff Girls, and possibly two more surprise cosplays! Want to catch Ashlynn at a convention near you? She plan to be attending The Geek Gathering – September 19th-20th. You can also follow her on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with her latest plans!


All photos courtesy of Katie May Photography.


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