Cosplay of the Week: Sweets4aSweet as the Queen of Hearts

Cosplay of the Week:



The Queen of Hearts

This is Candy, also known as Sweets4aSweet Cosplay! She is from Jackson, Michigan and is 37 years old.

“I have been cosplaying for about 5 years, ever since friends of mine took me to my first Anime convention…I was hooked! My mother and I work together to make my costumes.”

Her mother does a lot of the sewing, and Candy makes props, applies makeup effects, styles wigs and helps with overall design. “I try to go for film accuracy whenever possible, but do also enjoy designing my own take on a character.”

Candy is very inspired by her friends and family!

“They are so supportive and inspire me to push myself. I love trying new techniques, whether it be in ways to style a wig or how to build a prop. I do a lot of research on a character before I start planning on how to recreate them. I tend to choose plus-size characters, and a lot of times they are a villain. I love villains!”

A few of Candy’s favorite characters to cosplay are Ursula, Fiona and Miss Piggy. They are all feisty and sassy and gorgeous plus-size ladies. Candy typically attends 8 to 12 conventions a year on average.  A few of cons left for this year are MeggaCon in Jackson MI, Dragon Con in Atlanta GA, Grand Rapids ComicCon in Grand Rapids MI, and Youmacon in Detroit MI.

“I occasionally get invited to be a cosplay guest at conventions, and also do panels on Confidence in Cosplay and antibullying. Feel free to message me at any time on Facebook, and you can find me on Instagram, Twitter & Tumblr as @sweets4asweet.”

Queen of Hearts 2          Queen of Hearts 5

Queen of Hearts 4          Queen of Hearts 3


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