Faren’s Nerd Moment: My Top 10 Favorite Movies

Hey guys! I haven’t done a Faren’s Nerd Moment in a minute, so I thought I would take the time to share something I’m very serious about and that’s my top ten list of favorite movies. My list may not be filled with the most brilliant movies ever created, but they are important to me nonetheless. I hope you enjoy my list!

10. Sucker Punch

Why It’s On The List: I don’t come across many people that like this movie as much as I do, but while the plot is a little complex and it can come across as “trying too hard to be edgy”; you can’t go wrong with that absolutely gorgeous soundtrack.
9. Sin City

Why It’s On The List: Elijah fucking Wood. He doesn’t say a word and he’s creepy as hell. Also, that beautiful scene where Goldie is introduced. Dear Lorde.
8. Se7en

Why It’s On The List: Brad Pitt became one of my favorite actors after I finally was introduced to his best movies and I rank this as my favorite among those. We can laugh all day about, “What’s in the box?”, but I think we know damn well that Brad Pitt just has it. Sorry (Really Old Spoiler): That Kevin Spacey reveal. I love that they kept him a secret and you don’t even see his name in the beginning credits. I think it makes the shock that much more real when he’s finally revealed towards the end of the film.
7. Fight Club

Why It’s On The List: If you don’t like this movie or have dubbed this as “your favorite movie” at some point in your life, you’re a liar. It was my favorite movie for a good portion of my college years. It encapsulates rebellion as well as beauty in a different light. I love that it tackles something so simplistic such as, “What truly is within ourselves?” while being so artistically moving.
6. Safety Not Guaranteed

Why It’s On The List: When it was on Netflix, this was the movie I told people to put this on their list to watch. The #1 reason I clicked on this movie on Netflix was because of my love of Aubrey Plaza. Aubrey Plaza gives us her deadpan brilliance here; however, there’s so much sincerity in the delivery of her lines that throws us back to her character, April from Parks & Rec. That’s not why I fell in love with this movie. I fell in love with this movie because of that last scene. I’m not going to ruin this for you. The movie is beautiful and wonderfully written, but the magic really hits home at the end.
5. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

Why It’s On The List: I didn’t want to watch this movie. I most certainly didn’t want to fall in love with it. While the pop culture references are what spoke to me at first, this movie became a part of top five because of its truly quotable lines. Most notably, “I am so sad, I’m so very, very sad” is something I say frequently. Not because I’m sad, but just say it. It’s fun to say.
4. Pleasantville

Why It’s On The List: The whole concept of a world trying to adapt to change paired with blossoming into beautiful color. It’s something so simple, but this theme of people being ostracized for being different is something that is still so important.
3. American Beauty

Why It’s On The List: As you can see, I love movies that have a flair for their color usage. This movie is no different. Not only is it brilliantly written, it doesn’t refrain from taking artistic measures to showcase the wonderful themes in its script. It also has Kevin Spacey and you really can’t go wrong with him.
2. Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

Why It’s On The List: I don’t meet many people that have even seen this movie which is a damn shame. It has Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion, AND Felicia Day. We are talking the finest in geek entertainment here, people. Not only does this movie have a brilliant cast, it has an absolutely brilliant score. The songs “A Brand New Day”, “Laundry Day”, and “My Freeze Ray” mixed with some serious heartbreak, this is a Joss Whedon masterpiece you absolutely must promptly go watch on YouTube in its entirety like, right now. It’s actually where it originally aired, people. I’m not just speaking broke ass bitch speak here.
1. Magnolia

Why It’s On The List: I watched this movie for the first time in my Masculinity in Literature & Film class and I’d never connected with a movie as much as I had when I watched this for the first time. It’s a study of coincidences, patterns in human behavior, as well as relationships between lovers, parents and their children, and strangers. It also has the weirdest twist I’ve ever seen in a movie. All I have to say is: frogs.


I hope you enjoyed my list of favorite movies. Share your own list with me in the comments!

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