Etsy Spotlight: Nerdy Workplace Necessities

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It has been a minute since I did an Etsy spotlight list! So here we go! I’m going to show you some nerdy workplace items you obviously need! Let’s get to it!

Harry Potter: Grim Tea Cup by HotSocksByAnne ($11.00 USD)


Photo Credit: Hot Socks by Anne’s Etsy listing

If you’re like me, you live on caffeine.  I know it says “tea cup” but I’d totally use it as a coffee cup! It’s a great way to your caffeine fix at work…until your cup is empty. Gulp.

Iron Man: Arc Reactor Cuff Links by CUFFACTORY ($14.50 USD)

Photo Credit: CUFFACTORY Etsy Listing

Photo Credit: CUFFACTORY’s Etsy Listing

It you have to suit up for work, do it with a little pride knowing that Tony Stark would obviously approve of these sweet cuff links.

League of Legends: Carry/Support BFF Rings by Team Neville ($15.00 USD)

Photo Credit: Team Neville's Etsy Listing

Photo Credit: Team Neville’s Etsy Listing

Do you play League of Legends with your work BFF? Get yourselves some matching rings to show that you are not only team players at work, but also where it really counts…in a 5v5 match.

Dr. Who: Tardis Coin Purse by Jen’s Sewing ($12.00 USD)


Photo Credit: Jen’s Sewing Etsy Listing

Lots of workplaces have vending machines, so don’t leave your change to be all wibbly wobbley in your pocket (see what I did there?) and get yourself this awesome coin purse! Because you never know when you really just NEEEEEEEED that Twix bar.

Star Wars: Death Star Retractable Badge/ID Clip by Charming Office ($6.00 USD)

Photo Credit: Charming Office's Etsy Listing

Photo Credit: Charming Office’s Etsy Listing

Lots of workplaces now require employees to wear a badge to work, so why not make it fun with a little Death Star! Show the boss you’re the best Storm Trooper around!

Pokemon: Ash Wooden Keyring by Laser Expressions ($8.01 USD)

Photo Credit: Laser Expression's Etsy Listing

Photo Credit: Laser Expression’s Etsy Listing

Maybe you actually ARE the boss and have several work related keys? Make sure it’s separate from your home keys with this awesome wooden Ash keyring!

See something you couldn’t live without? Use the #omnibusjournal to show us your sweet new gear!


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