Cosplay of the Week: Maple Syrup Cosplay as Starfire [Teen Titans]

Cosplay of the Week:

Maple Syrup Cosplay


Starfire (Teen Titans)

Though her name is Kristin, everyone calls her Maple. Kristin’s page came from this nickname and because it was kind of unique, she decided to use it. Kristin is currently 21 years old and has been cosplaying for about three years now. She had a desire to get into cosplay when she was in high school, but didn’t hang around people that did. Whenever she made it to college, she was instantly surrounded with a strong cosplay friend circle who she says taught her everything she knows and assists her with finishing up pieces of her cosplay. 

She picked Starfire specifically because she “loved her growing up”.

She was this tall strong person who also just loved cute things and was super bubbly and for me that’s what I love to be. She’s excited about new things and to me that alone made me want to cosplay her.”

Kristin’s  Starfire cosplay is all homemade and took her a couple of long weeks to get done. Her friend Kat made the boot covers for her while giving Kristin quick and easy tips and tricks. Lots of craft foam, sewing, and Fabric glue went into making it, but Kristin is pretty proud of how it turned out. (And we are too!)

Curious as to what Kristin plans to cosplay next? We’ve got the scoop straight from Kristin herself!

“Currently I’m working on my Princess Luna cosplay from My Little Pony as well as Cyan from Show By Rock!! and Princess tutu cosplays. I’ve got a few more planned out but these are definitely my priorities.”

Want to see Kristin’s Starfire or another cosplay in person? This year she has a few Cons planned for the year. Kentokyocon (Aug 28-30), Yamacon (Dec 4-6), and Ohayocon (Jan 15-17). Can’t make it to these? She’ll be hitting a few more in the spring so you might be able to catch her at one of them! You can also follow her on Facebook to keep up on the projects she might be working on next!



Featured image courtesy of Madster Cosplay and Photography

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