Cosplay of the Week: Grey Knight (Warhammer)

Cosplayer: Jerry Rowe


Grey Knight (Warhammer)

Jerry  is 40 years old and has been cosplaying now for five years.

“I got into cosplay out of a love for halloween and always wanting to bring my favorite character to life.

The reason I picked a Warhammer character is because of the complex structure and to challenge myself.”


Photo credit: Vicki Jones

Jerry built the Grey Knight almost completely out of foam. Jerry spent over 180 hours building this cosplay, and wore it for a test run for a few hours at Pop Con earlier this summer. He intends to wear it again with a few new upgrades.

Jerry enjoys going to Gen Con, Indy Pop Con and other small nearby conventions. The character Jerry wants to cosplay next is the heavy lifter from the Aliens. Want to see Jerry in action? He’ll be wearing it at Gen Con this weekend!


Photo taken by Dixie Rhoades at Pop Con 2015

Featured Image: Vicki Jones

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