Cosplay of the Week: Skyrimfox Cosplay (Genderbent Hades)

Skyrimfox has been cosplaying for a total of seven years now. Over the past year and a half, she has started to make her whole outfits.

“My friend of 11 years now was the one who actually got me into cosplaying, anime, and manga.” 

Skyrimfox chose Hades specifically because she actually liked the movie Hercules growing up which made her want to do a villain gender-bend.

“I’ve been kinda testing out what I can make, now that I know how to sew. My female Hades was actually the easiest cosplay to make surprisingly.”

Of her cosplays her top favorite cosplays are her Assassin’s Creed ones, both Arno and Conner. What cosplays might we expect to see from Fox in the future?

“I look forward to finishing Kenways, and then working on Jacob.”

Hoping to see more from Skyrimfox cosplay? She’s planning to attend Gen Con and The Geek gathering, where you can see her and request pictures of her, or with her. Can’t make it to these conventions? That’s okay! You can follow her progress on her Facebook page, Skyrimfox Cosplay!


Featured image: Eddie B Photos

Bottom image: Scorpio Concept Designs

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