Cosplay of the Week: Lanthea Cosplay [Armor Ariel]

Erica, also known as Lanthea Cosplay, has been cosplaying since 2012 at local convention, Hal-Con. “After attending the year prior, I got completely inspired by the amazing costumes I saw there and vowed I would never go to a con in street clothes again!”

Recently, she completed her Armored Ariel cosplay which she designed and made herself. “I decided to make this costume for a few reasons, the first being I have loved Ariel since I was a kid.” She started designing armored princesses as a way to pass the time while waiting for her daughter at her piano lessons. “I am not a very good seamstress (though I am learning) so armor was a natural way to go with the design.”


As soon as she drew out the first sketch for the breastplate, she knew this costume had to be made. “The design ended up evolving during the construction, and it was an amazing experience bringing my own design to life. “

Over 300 hours were put into the production of this cosplay from start to finish, but every hour was so worth it! She hand cut each scale from a double layer of ‘cold’ Worbla. Even slightly heating them warped the scale shape too much and one layer was too thin. Over 100 hours went into the breastplate alone.

“The entire costume was hand painted and I can all of the resin gems from molds that I made. I molded shells in Worbla, so they were more lightweight on the bracers. I really could go on and on about the construction but I really don’t want to bore you much more!”


Erica won 1st place in the Masters Category at Spring Geequinox a few months ago, which was extremely exciting! “It was my first time placing first in the Masters category.”

Some of her favorite characters to cosplay are Ariel, her Diablo 3 Barbarian, Codex (from The Guild, which she is currently updating) and she’s really excited to be Harley Quinn when she finally gets her finished!

Hoping to see Erica at a con near you? “As far as attending cons goes, I will be at Hal-Con here in Halifax, Nova Scotia from October 30-November 1st. I am hoping to start attending ‘away’ conventions soon, though! It’s hard to save up for plane tickets when you have a serious Worbla addiction.”

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Photos courtesy of Hali Rosborough Photography


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