Etsy Spotlight: My “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” List!

I find myself meandering through the vast depths of Etsy quite a bit lately now that I am a stay-at-home mom. I’ve been good about not buying anything, but its always fun to window shop. Or in this case, browser window shop.

Here is a list of some of my favorite Pokemon inspired listings that you can find on Etsy right now!

1. Mini Pokemon Plush Amigurumi Keychain Set: $28


Via BubblyTeaShop’s Etsy

How can you not want to buy these right now? You can get them with or without keychains also! The amount of time it must take to make each of these is incredible, and they are soooooooooo freaking cute.


2. Multiple Colors Bulbasaur Planter: $16.95


Via Madarakis’s Etsy

These little guys come in several different color options! How cool would it be to have an indoor Bulbasaur herb garden?! The answer is ridiculously cool.


3. Pokemon Surprise Bath Bombs (Qty 3): $12.50


Via RustyTiramisu’s Etsy

Do you ever need to just come home after a lot day and relax? Of course you do! Unless you are a robot, in which case water is really dangerous for you. What better way to enjoy a relaxing bath than to find a little Pokemon toy hanging out in there with you!


4. CUSTOM Hand Painted Pokemon Shoes: $45.52


Via elefantesgalopantes’s Etsy

These are probably the coolest time on this list, and the item I am most likely to eventually purchase. What you are looking at is basically walking artwork. The detail on them is incredible and for the price, they are really a steal. They would likely take a while to get to you as they are custom made, but the wait would be worth it!


5. Etched Pokemon Shot Glass Set of 4: $24


Via Chicos8bitDesigns’s Etsy

Gotta drink ’em all! Am I right?! I’m not gonna lie, these would look great displayed next to my Walking Dead glasses…adulting at it’s finest.


And now…this last one is a hybrid so I don’t feel like it counts for this list, but it was too hilariously awesome not to share…

*6. “Gary”dos the Snail (Pokemon/Spongebob mash up) Pin: $15


Via radpins’s Etsy

All the majesty of a gyrados combined with the intense stare of good old Gar-Bear. You are welcome.


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