Cosplay of the Week: Alana Waffles Cosplay [Warrior Sleeping Beauty]

Cosplay of the week

Alana Waffles Cosplay


Warrior Sleeping Beauty


Alana started to dress up at cons in about 2010, however she wouldn’t quite call it cosplaying until 2013 when she made her first cosplay and was happy and comfortable wearing it around, which to her is truly what cosplay is about.
Alana started just out of sheer “I want to do that”. She loves dressing up, she loves wigs and makeup, she loves almost everything nerdy, and shes love arts and crafts. “Once I had a outlet for that I jumped on it and never looked back.”
Aurora came from a desire Alana to push herself onto a new level for cosplay,”It’s a character I’m extremely familiar with and I knew that the twist to make her a warrior would be a refreshing twist without pushing the envelope out of my comfort zone.” It took about 2 months of work, slowed by only being able to work at her mother’s house once every week or so as the small apartment she lived in didn’t give her the space she needed to work. It’ss a fairly classic Worbla armour set, inspired by Gladzy Kei’s art and Kamaui Cosplay’s work with Worbla. When asked what she liked best about the cosplay, she said,“The sword ended up being my favourite piece and is hung in my craft room proudly.”

“I always love cosplaying characters that I truly love, in some cases that may just be the design, but in most its everything about them. It’s hard to pick one favourite though, it always ends up being either my most recent or my next one.”

Want to catch Alana at a convention? The only one she’s confirmed to attend is San Diego Comic Con, which is happening this weekend! She also hopes to also attend NYCC, Halcon, Edmonton Expo, Sask Expo and perhaps Blizzcon. Want to see what she does in the future, follow her on Facebook for all of the details!

Featured image: Destiny’s Curse Photography

Photos: Aka Maple


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