Faren’s Nerd Moment: Kingdom Hearts III

I, like every other KH fanatic, nerded out hardcore when Square Enix finally gave us some content to drool over in regards to Kingdom Hearts III. Ever since I beat Kingdom Hearts II, I’ve been wondering, “Okay, but how are they going to top those worlds?” I thought for this week’s Nerd Moment, I’d give you an overview of worlds I’d like to see finally enter this beloved franchise, ones I hope return, as well as worlds that I hope stay gone forever.


Worlds I’d Like To See

Finding Nemo


Image courtesy of Disney

Potential Party Member: Marlin or Dory

Boss: Bruce the Shark or Darla


Toy Story


Image courtesy of Disney


Potential Party Member: Woody or Buzz

Boss: Sid and his nightmare fuel toys



Phineas and Ferb


Image courtesy of Disney


Potential Party Member: Phineas, Ferb, or Perry The Platypus

Boss: Dr. Doofenshmirtz




Emperor’s New Groove


Image courtesy of Disney


Potential Party Member: Kuzco

Boss: Yzma





Darkwing Duck


Image courtesy of Disney


Potential Party Member: Darkwing Duck

Boss: Negaduck


The Great Mouse Detective


Image courtesy of Disney

Potential Party Member: Basil

Boss: Rattigan


Worlds I’d Like To Return



New Stuff I’d Like To See: An even cooler Halloween Town outfit for Sora. This is also my favorite world in all of the Kingdom Hearts games, so I will always want more Halloween Town.




New Stuff I’d Like To See: Captain Jack Sparrow’s Jar of Dirt, because why the hell not?




New Stuff I’d Like To See: The characters, Kiara and Zira. I may have been the only one, but I actually enjoyed The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride.



New Stuff I’d Like To See: The option to fight alongside a super bad ass Alice.

Worlds I Hope Will Never Return



Reason: Everything looks the same. I spent more time trying to navigate/ swim around this world than I should have. Also, in Kingdom Hearts II, they decided to make it a musical world. No thanks!




Reason: I want to like this world. I really, really do. While I actually enjoy the movie, Tarzan quite a lot, I almost would have been more amused if they would have made Phil Collins a playable character.




Reason: I was not a big fan of this world whatsoever. I believe the reason was it seemed like such a small world, even with The Cave Of Wonders being included. If they decided to expand this world more and we were given more time with various characters, I think this would be a more fun world to travel to.


Olympus Coliseum

Reason: I think a lot of KH fans will agree with me on this one. I’m tired of this world. I will say that I love it in Kingdom Hearts II because they added the Underworld. If they continued to give us both the Coliseum and The Underworld, I’m all in, but just the Coliseum and I’m out.



Reason: I pretty much cry every time I play Kingdom Hearts and I get swallowed up by Monstro. This is another one of those worlds I got lost in because everything looks the same inside Monstro. I think they could have inserted Pinocchio into the game without Monstro, personally.


What do you think, guys? Do you agree with my thoughts? If you have other world suggestions, let me know in the comments!

All photos courtesy of Square Enix, unless indicated otherwise.

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