Cosplay of the Week: Hailey S Cosplay (Devil Jin)

Cosplay of the Week:

Hailey S Cosplay


Devil Jin

Hailey got into cosplay to transform herself into someone else and escape real life. “It makes me feel good to be someone else for a while and just have fun with friends and doing photo shoots! Modeling is also a big part of my life that’s what really helps me get into characters.”

Hailey chose her Devil Jin cosplay because she had never really seen too many people do it and had always loved the character and thought “Why not?” Hailey made all of it with help from her dad. “I have never sewed with leather before so I needed some help!” Then she painted the flames on, attached all the chains, made the gauntlets out of foam and worbla, and then the wings– which were the big part!

The most expensive and difficult part were the wings, which were made out of wire mess, pvc pipe, and a butt load of feathers. “I am hoping to someday make another pair that isn’t so heavy because I cannot wear them very long, sadly,” Hailey told me regarding her impressive wings.

Hailey is also sponsored by Samhain Contact Lenses, who provided her with the custom contacts for this cosplay and many of her others!

Hailey is currently working on Ciri from the Witcher 3 and Zapdos from Pokemon. Some of her other cosplays include Gyarados, Mega Gyarados, Lugia, Night Wing, Mr. Torgue play boy bunny, Arrow and some other older ones! Want to see Hailey in person and show your support? Hailey’s next convention she plans to attend is Cincinnati Comic Expo which runs from September 18th through the 20th. “I am a guest there and it is one of my favorite cons!”  Then Midoricon the weekend after and possibly some others later in the year. She also frequently updates her facebook page and very much appreciate the support her fans give her, so if you want to see what she’s working on in the future feel free to go give her a like!

Featured image courtesy of Wes Smith – The Portrait Dude.

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