Faren’s Nerd Moment: Middle Manager Of Justice

I thought I would use my Nerd Moment column to tell you about a love that I have. I have a love for mobile games. Okay, okay, don’t hate on me just yet. I have a knack for finding some pretty interesting (and I’ll admit, some bad) mobile games such as the Marvel: Contest of Champions, Godville, Monument Valley, and Band Stars, among others. Lately, I have been playing this game called Middle Manager of Justice and I just love it, so I thought would share some of my key favorite things about this game.

The Base Concept: You are thrown into this world as a Middle Manager of Justice of a branch called Justice Corp where you manage superheroes. You must coordinate the goings-on of this crew of heroes and gain notoriety while kicking bad guy butt through successfully completing “Events”/ Missions.

2015-06-18 19.30.21

Alright. Let’s dig in, shall we? I’ll tell you that whenever I pick a mobile game it has to have a few things for me to truly enjoy it. It has to make me laugh, it has to be pretty (I’m a pretty girl, after all. *shakes head*), and it has to challenge me. I feel this game hits all of my points pretty well, while going that extra mile.


No Energy Points!

I tend to get frustratingly caught up in games that rely on an energy points system. Guess what? This game absolutely does not rely on this. It seems like the kind of game that would, but no, it’s all about coordinating your heroes and making sure you have a well-rounded team. You maintain the city around you by ridding it of the baddies and bring in cash to build up your Branch Rating. 

You do have a cash shop in this game; however, you don’t have that “I’ll play for 10 minutes, wait for cool down for 2 hours” thing going on, so the shop isn’t really even necessary. If you rest up your heroes and train them, you can enjoy the game for a prolonged period of time. I love this and I hate this. I love this because I enjoy the game for a long time, but I hate this because it sucks up all of my time where I could be reading that tiny series called A Song of Ice & Fire that I’ve been slowly reading for a year or watching those movies for reviews, or you know, anything else productive.



The humor is on point in this game. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, which is something I absolutely adore when a developer inserts this into their games. This game ranges sometimes on the absurd, which I also love. Take this cow in the picture below, for instance. This cow is just chilling beside your building for absolutely no reason. I mean, he’s technically eating the files that are supposed to be shredded, but still.

2015-06-18 19.31.05

The missions are filled with humor, as well. They always have a back and forth between the heroes and the villain before the fight actually begins. I always look forward to Events for this reason alone, not just upping my Branch Rating or bringin’ in them dolla dolla bills, ya’ll.

2015-06-18 20.06.39

2015-06-18 20.07.04


The art style is quirky and cartoony, which I feel fits right in with the humorous dialogue. It reminds me of the board game Heroes Wanted in a way, due to the art style, the employee files (I’ll get into that later) and the humor aspect. If you haven’t played that game, check it out. It has pretty great reviews on Board Game Geek

2015-06-18 19.24.06


This is the screen you’ll spend the most time on. It’s dilapidated and very representative of a start-up. It doesn’t try to look pretty; it has a lot of character. At this point, I’m sure you can probably tell, I’ve only upgraded the Gym. We have our Bedroom with the kinda crappy mattresses and tiles falling off. I look forward to upgrading and building future rooms onto my Branch to see what else this game has in store for me.


I think all of the heroes I’ve played with are pretty great. I love the way they show each hero’s important details as an employee file. Below, I have pictures of a few of my favorite heroes and their employee files. I apparently treat my heroes like total crap, as evidenced by Masked Mummy’s poor health and Hot Head’s poor morale. Sorry, guys.

You’ll see the Employee File is broken up into all of the essential parts: Stats, Morale, Level, Next Promotion (Countdown to when they get their next promotion), Morale, Inventory (Their armor, basically), Activity, and their Ability.

2015-06-18 19.30.48

2015-06-18 19.30.37

You’ll click the big blue button with the plus sign under “Activity” to activate the screen in the picture below. Because I haven’t been playing this game long, I only have the top two selections available to me most of the time. All of my money is being put towards getting a Research Lab; however, my heroes haven’t brought me in enough cash for me to build one. I’m sure I’ll have one by the end of the evening. 😉

2015-06-18 19.42.42

Overall, this is probably the best mobile game I’ve played. It doesn’t take itself too seriously. It is super eccentric. It’s not like any other mobile game that I’ve seen. Best of all, it is a superhero mobile game. That has Faren pretty much written all over it. I have yet to find anything wrong with this game and because of that, I give it…

2015-06-18 19.24.27

Rating: 10/10!

In-game photos courtesy of Double Fine Productions’ game, Middle Manager of Justice.


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