Faren’s Nerd Moment: Top 10 Inspirational Albums

Welcome to my new column, Faren’s Nerd Moment! Every week (lesbihonest probably bi-weekly because I’m me) I would like to share some of my favorite things with you and maybe wax poetic every now and again. I spent the vast majority of this month thinking of what I wanted my first post for this column to even be about. I love a lot of things and I love to talk about a lot of things. I’m a Game of Thrones lover as well as a Nashville lover, a Paramore fanatic and a Queen fanatic, I watch School of Rock on repeat just as much as Magnolia. Frankly, I’m all over the place. Something that I frequently come back to however, is my absolute love of music. Here is my top ten list of albums that have inspired me in some way throughout my life.


10. Savage Garden—Savage Garden

Photo courtesy of Columbia Records

Photo courtesy of Columbia Records

Favorite song(s): “To The Moon & Back”, “I Want You”

Favorite lyric: “Everyone’s got a theory about the bitter one/ They’re saying, “Mamma never loved her much”/ and, “Daddy never keeps in touch/ That’s why she shies away from human affection” (To The Moon & Back)

Reason It’s On The List: Many, many reasons. I don’t love Savage Garden presently as I did when I was younger; however, I can’t simply deny the memories this album has attached to it, but I’ll only share the most important one to me. When Savage Garden was gaining in popularity, I was going through a massive change in my life when I was only 9 years old. I was transitioning from being the only child to the older child. This is a major switch when you’re the spoiled prima donna child like I was. I was not too keen on getting a younger sibling, especially when I found out I was getting a younger brother (Sorry, Devin). All throughout my mom’s pregnancy, “Truly Madly Deeply” was that year’s “Call Me Maybe”. You could not escape it; however, my little bro didn’t want to. Whenever my brother was born, we happened across a funny little thing. My brother couldn’t go to sleep without listening to it on repeat. How adorable, right? ^ . ^ (Well, the first 20 times was adorable and then it just got annoying).


9. Chroma—Cartel

Photo courtesy of Epic Records

Photo courtesy of Epic Records

Favorite song(s): “A Minstrel’s Prayer”

Favorite lyric: “All these minstrels through the ages/ that is really all we are/ Simply singing for the girl/ that makes us try so very hard/ To craft the perfect limerick/ to wield unending woe/ to write such silly songs/ and the difference never know.” (A Minstrel’s Prayer)

Reason It’s On The List: Working at Hot Topic introduced me to a lot of music–some good, most bad. I will never forget stopping in the center of the empty Hot Topic (gotta love that crazy 10 a.m. mall traffic) and being glided away from my body listening to “A Minstrel’s Prayer”. After I heard this song, I promptly started working on my novel. I still get that feeling every time I hear the song. It’s absolutely haunting and treacherously beautiful. Listen to it. On repeat.


8. Maladroit—Weezer

Photo courtesy of Geffen Records

Photo courtesy of Geffen Records

Favorite song(s): “American Gigolo”

Favorite lyric: “Back off now, baby I’m a loner.” (American Gigolo)

Reason It’s On The List: I was introduced to Weezer as I was coming out of my crazy *NSYNC phase. This was the first album I purchased that was even remotely cool. Whenever this album came into play in my life, I was growing into the person that I am today. I was quoting Mallrats any chance I could get, wearing Chuck Taylors with anything that I wore, and writing really, really bad poetry. Weezer was kinda there for me during the most awkward years of my entire existence.



7. Bleed American—Jimmy Eat World

Photo courtesy of DreamWorks

Photo courtesy of DreamWorks

Favorite song(s): “Bleed American” (How truly awful am I liking the title song?), “Hear You Me”

Favorite lyric: And if you were with me tonight/ I’d sing to you just one more time/ A song for a heart so big/ God wouldn’t let it live.” (Hear You Me)

Reason It’s On The List: If I need a pick-me-up, it’s Bleed American. If I need inspiration for a novel, it’s Bleed American. If I need most things, I turn to Bleed American.


6. Purple Rain—Prince and the Revolution

Photo courtesy of Warner Brothers

Photo courtesy of Warner Brothers

Favorite song(s): “When Doves Cry”

Favorite lyric: “Dream if u can a courtyard/ an ocean of violets in bloom/ Animals strike curious poses/ They feel the heat/ The heat between me and you.” (When Doves Cry)

Reason It’s On The List: Blame my mom. Kidding aside, I really can’t really explain my love for Prince. He’s really freaking weird. I mean, seriously. Who writes about animals feeling sexual tension? Awkward.


5. Vessel—Twenty One Pilots

Photo courtesy of Fueled By Ramen

Photo courtesy of Fueled By Ramen

Favorite song(s): “Ode To Sleep”, “Semi-Automatic”

Favorite lyric: “…take this weapon forged in darkness/ some see a pen/ I see a harpoon.” (Ode To Sleep)

Reason It’s On The List: The moment I learned all of the lyrics to “Ode To Sleep” and could sing them as fast as the lead singer, it felt like I was getting an Xbox Live achievement.


4. Save Rock And Roll—Fall Out Boy

Photo courtesy of Fueled By Ramen

Photo courtesy of Fueled By Ramen

Favorite song(s): “Young Volcanoes”, “The Phoenix”

Favorite lyric(s): (I have more than a few. I can’t help it; the guys behind FOB are brilliant lyricists, IMO.) “When Rome’s in ruins/ we are the lions/ free of the Coliseums.” (Young Volcanoes), “And all the boys are smoking menthols/ girls are getting back rubs/ I will drift to you if you make yourself shake fast enough” (Where Did The Party Go?), “My heart is like a stallion, they love it more when it’s broke in” (Alone Together).

Reason It’s On The List: I personally loved when Fall Out Boy came back with their new sound. I also waited impatiently as each video dropped in the Youngblood Chronicles (see video below). I became especially enamored with this album after hearing “The Phoenix”. I was stressed out trying to find words to somehow come together to form a short story to impress my Fiction professor. I had written this crazy 15 page innocent coming-of-age turned psycho serial killer story and was left without a title for it. I was stumped and then I heard the lyrics, “We are the jack-o-lanterns in July setting fire to the sky. He-here comes this rising tide” and I knew it. I had my title.

Watch this and you will not be disappointed:



3. Commit This To Memory—Motion City Soundtrack

Photo courtesy of Epitaph Records

Photo courtesy of Epitaph Records

Favorite song(s): “L.G. Fuad (Let’s Get Fucked Up And Die)”, “Everything Is Alright”

Favorite lyric: “Let’s get fucked up and die/ I’m speaking figuratively, of course/ like the last time that I committed suicide/ social suicide.”

Reason It’s On The List: Motion City Soundtrack guided me–and I’m sure, countless other teenagers–through adolescence. Commit This To Memory was the album to go to. It has lyrics you could can both connect to and scream to.


2. Three Years For Sweet Revenge—My Chemical Romance

Photo courtesy of Reprise Records

Photo courtesy of Reprise Records

Favorite song(s): “Thank You For The Venom”

Favorite lyric: Love is the red the rose on your coffin door/ What’s life like, bleeding on the floor?” (Thank You For The Venom)

Reason It’s On The List: I remember the exact moment I fell in love with Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge. I was laying on the floor of my bedroom with my portable CD player in my hands. (Heh. I wish I was kidding). I lay down and closed my eyes and focused on every single word. I was lead to get this album by the infectious and beautiful “Helena” video (see video below). How could a dancer resist a video that pairs a catchy-as-hell rock song with really outstanding choreography? Hell to the yes. Even with this video and song having a forever home in my heart, I don’t purely love this album because of “Helena”. There are so many other songs that match and surpass it. I can also listen to this album from start to finish without skipping any songs, which I can say for maybe 6 other albums that I’ve owned.


1. Brand New Eyes—Paramore

Photo courtesy of Fueled By Ramen

Photo courtesy of Fueled By Ramen

Favorite song: “Misguided Ghosts”, “All I Wanted”, “Careful”

Favorite lyric: “And now I’m told that this is life/ that pain is just a simple compromise/ So we can get what we want out of it/ Would someone care to classify/ our broken hearts and twisted minds/ So I can find someone to rely on/ And run to them, to them/ Full speed ahead” (Misguided Ghosts), “You’d make your way in/ I’d resist you just like this/ “You can’t tell me to feel” (Careful), and “It’s all about the exposure, the lens/ I told her the angles were all wrong/ Now she’s ripping wings off of butterflies” (Brick By Boring Brick)

Reason It’s On The List: If you know me personally, this shouldn’t be a surprise whatsoever. No album really had a chance when Paramore exists. I am currently working on an article to fully explain why I love Paramore so fervently, but until then, I’ll tell you why Brand New Eyes tops my list. Paramore has gotten me through every major event in my life ever since I began maturing. All We Know Is Falling helped get me through my senior year of high school, Riot! helped me get through my freshman year of college, but Brand New Eyes helped me figure out the biggest hurdle of them all: love. Above all, it helped me figure out who I was while in the confusing drunken-like state that was falling in love. It wasn’t really fair for whatever power that exists to throw this total idiot a super cool gent like my husband, but I guess that’s why Paramore made Brand New Eyes, right? Right. I’ll just continue thinking that.


What are some inspirational albums on your top 10 list?

Let me know in the comments!

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