DC Comics Presents Convergence!

DC Comics is shaking things up in their Superhero Universe again, this time with their company wide crossover Convergence. Hot on the heels of the weekly series Earth 2: World’s End and The New 52: Futures End, Convergence will include the entire DC Universe, including Flashpoint, Crisis, Tangent, and Zero Hour. It includes a weekly nine issue Convergence series (#0-9) as well as multiple two-issue arcs in individual comics featuring crossovers with characters from each of the universes. The storyline starts back in Booster Gold: Futures End #1 when the super villain Brainiac tortures Booster Gold to find out the location of the Vanishing Point (a metaphysical dimension that exists outside of time, that holds the last possible second before the universe ends) and uses it to access all of the different universes and timelines. He abducts fifty cities that include heroes from each timeline and multiverse and puts them in a dome to see what happens, and then he disappears.

Telos, the planet he puts heroes on, and can manifest itself into a being, decides to open up the domes and see what’s happening. The heroes, of course, end up battling each other and we get some pretty interesting match ups: Harley Quinn vs Captain Carrot; Batman vs Azrael; Steel vs Gen 13; Justice League International vs Kingdom Come; Kyle Rayner vs Parallax. But once Telos opens the domes, the superheroes realize what’s going and decide to turn on Telos to try and take back the universe. But he’s no easy match, and it takes the combined might of heroes from the entire universe to even hold him at bay.

Now one of the big questions in all of this is, what will happen to the new 52? Well, the branding will be gone, but in the aftermath of Convergence, what we’ll see is a new DC Universe that will continue the storylines and numbering of some of their most popular titles (Batman, Harley Quinn, Deathstroke, etc.) but also featuring twenty-four new #1 titles that include Bizarro, Batman Beyond, Constantine: The Hellblazer, Cyborg, Harley Quinn/Power Girl, Jutice League of America, Robin, Son of Batman, and We Are Robin. What DC Comics hopes to accomplish from all of this, is to take the best of each of those universes and make them a part of the regular DC Universe. There are some surprises along the way, and with #8 coming out soon, we’ll find out the fate of the DC Universe.

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