Top Ten: Mike’s Favorite X-Men Characters

I have long been a fan of X-Men and the many varied personalities that we come across throughout the comics. In honor of the news of my favorite character being cast for the new X-Men movie, X-Men: Apocalypse, I thought I would bring you my official list of my favorite X-Men characters!


1. Jubilee (Jubilation Lee)

My favoritism for Jubilee took awhile to take hold. She was there in the cartoon that I awoke early to see as a child, excited to see what adventures the X-Men would go on. That series started with Jubilee joining the team and was my first and only knowledge of the character until my father introduced me to the X-Men comic books. Originally, Jubilee had the ability to fire explosive, colorful plasma out of her hands. The stuff looked like fireworks. Her ability matched her vivacious personality. She was a mall rat with a penchant for tagging along with Wolverine, the gruffest X-Man. Currently, Jubes, as I affectionately call her, is a vampire with several related abilities, including a mist form. She was de-powered in the House of M event—along with another favorite on my list—by the Scarlet Witch’s “no more mutants” utterance, but that still didn’t stop Jubilation from fighting evil. Before being bitten and sired into a vampire, Jubilee had taken on the codename “Wondra” and used technology to fight evil-doers. Jubilee may not rank on others’ favorites lists and in fact, I get guff from my friends for loving her so much, but she is awesome! Her spunky personality always brought something different to the adventures of the X-Men and the fact that she didn’t let the House of M sway her from fighting the good fight shows her true strength: determination.



2. Psylocke (Elizabeth “Betsy” Braddock)

Sister to the leader of Excalibur, Captain Britain, Psylocke is a force to be reckoned with. Originally, Betsy had a British body and telepathic abilities, manifesting in a psychic “butterfly” when used. After some strange events involving Spiral’s Body Shoppe, Psylocke’s body was switched with that of a Japanese assassin named Kwannon, which gave Betsy access to ninja-like abilities. She was taken and brainwashed by a group called “The Hand”, after which she believed herself to be an assassin named Lady Mandarin. She was rescued and helped by Wolverine, but still retained some attributes of her Hand training, including the ability to focus her mental energy into a deadly psychic knife. Betsy’s had some strange events take place in her life and she’s kept some strange lovers including the wealthy Angel and the mysterious Fantomex. Lately, Psylocke led the Uncanny X-Force team under the Marvel Now banner. She’s a total badass who currently has an addiction to killing. I grew up with Betsy being on the Blue Team of the X-Men and I enjoyed her abilities and personality that she brought to the pages.



3. Danielle Moonstar

Moonstar has gone through a few different codenames, including Mirage and Psyche. Like Jubilee, she was de-powered during the events of House of M, but could formerly communicate with animals and conjure visuals from her mind or the minds of others, most often depicting fears to cripple her foes during battle. Dani is a Cheyenne Native American and an excellent hand-to-hand combatant, often using a bow in fights but she’s not against using a gun or other weapons. In addition to this, Moonstar also spent time as a Valkyrie and had a steed named Brightwind. Moonstar was a co-leader of the New Mutants, along with Cannonball. For a while, prior to losing her mutant powers, Dani taught at the Xavier School and even adopted a student, Joshua Foley (Elixir). Like Jubilee, Dani didn’t let the loss of her powers affect her position of fighting alongside the X-Men. She even went back and acquired her Valkyrie abilities again for a short time. Her determination and unwillingness to give in make her even more awesome than she already was! That, combined with her original ability to show her enemies their greatest fears makes her a force to be reckoned with.



4. Spiral (Rita “Ricochet Rita” Wayward)

Spiral was a human stunt woman who met and befriended Longshot, eventually falling in love with him. At some point, Rita was attacked by her future evil self and abducted. Mojo held her for years before he had her brain and body altered to become a faithful servant. She was given extra arms, which added to her already powerful magical abilities. It was later revealed that she was in line to be the successor of Doctor Strange, along with other magical characters in the Marvel Universe. She also dances in order to open portals, and is obviously an excellent hand-to-hand combatant. Spiral had, on some occasions, defeated X-Teams single-handed. Despite her villainy, Spiral was recently made an addition to the Marvel Now Uncanny X-Force team, often clashing with teammate, Psylocke, as the latter still didn’t forgive Spiral for experimenting on her body in the Body Shoppe some time ago. Spiral is an awesome character! She’s got six arms to blast magic with when she’s not using six different swords to take down her foes! I feel that she’s best on a team with X-Men members, as there’s a bit of a clash that adds to the excitement. During her run on the Marvel Now Uncanny X-Force book, Spiral’s compassionate side was shown, as her driving force for joining the team was saving the life of a new, young female mutant, who she had been protecting for some time before the start of the book.



5. Kid Omega (Quentin Quire)

As his codename might suggest, Quentin is an Omega-leveled mutant, which means he’s in the top tier of powerful mutants. He has a super-human intellect that pairs well with his omega-leveled telepathy and telekinesis. Quentin has been shown to channel his power into, among other things, a psychic shotgun. As his punk-like attitude would attest to, Quentin has led riots at the Xavier school in the past, protesting against Xavier’s policies with his own little “Omega Gang”. Recently, it has been shown that Quire is a potential host for the Phoenix. The entity was once attracted to his essence, believing him to be Jean Grey. Quentin is one super cool anti-hero. With his psychic shotgun, he’s brought about rebellion, “died”, and come back in full swing. He’s one of those characters whose future looks amazing, and I can’t wait to see what else they’ll do with him in later books.



6. Dust (Sooraya Qadir)

Dust is a rare example of a positive Muslim character in a comic book. Her ability to transform into a living sandstorm and scour the flesh off of enemies, among other sandy talents, comes in a mysterious package. Dust is a practicing Sunni Muslim and wears the traditional lady’s garb of her faith and culture. She was born in Afghanistan and rescued by the X-Men, from people who wanted to enslave her. While in her powered state, Dust is weak to wind, as it disperses her sand particles. Fire will transform her into glass, which can be disastrous, and water will douse her, taking her out of a fight completely. Dust is unique in the X-Men rank, with an original power set which allows her to enter bodies and lacerate lungs, scour flesh from bone, and render her undetectable to psychics and more. She’s another character who’s had a good run since her creation and has a bright future in the X-Books, one that I cannot wait to see unfold!



7. Gambit (Remy LeBeau)

The ragin’ Cajun, Remy LeBeau, former thief extraordinaire, and now irreplaceable member of the X-Men; Gambit’s powers involve him charging objects with an explosive kinetic energy through his touch. His most often used items are playing cards, which he charges and throws at enemies. He’s also adept at using a Bo staff. Growing up with the ’90s X-Men cartoon, Gambit and his love interest, Rogue, were easy favorites. He had an attitude about him that just seethed with coolness. Reading the comics offered a little more depth to this with a mysterious allure about the character that bordered on the sensual. Remy was the total package. Gambit has been a mainstay of the X-teams for years, serving in a senior staff member role for the school, heading out on missions, or joining team off-shoots for completely new books, as he did with Northstar’s Astonishing X-Men. With his debonair personality and flair for playing cards, it’s easy to see why this tortured soul, former thief and all-around charmer endears himself to fans.



8. Magik (Illyana Rasputin)

Sister of the X-Man Colossus, the Russian mutant known as Magik was once a member of the New Mutants, under the co-leadership of Danielle Moonstar. Magik’s mutant power is the ability to teleport but she’s an accomplished sorceress and the leader of her own realm, Limbo. Magik also wields the formidable Soulsword. Some time during her stint in the comic books, Magik contracted the deadly Legacy Virus and died from it. She was absent from most of the comic until the early 2000s, where she made a return after being resurrected by the evil Belasco. Magik is somewhat intimidating to others. She’s seen scaring some of her teammates at times, just by being who she is. Apparently, she traveled back in time to train with a past version of Doctor Strange, to uncover more about her magical abilities so that she could wield them better in battle. She’s spellbinding, somewhat darker since her revival and a bad ass with her Soulsword. Magik’s time to shine has yet to come, even though she’s already made several memorable moments as part of the unforgettable Phoenix 5, and as a member of Cyclops’ Extinction Squad.



9. Rogue (Anna-Marie)

Growing up, Rogue was my original favorite X-Man. She was super strong, invulnerable, could fly, and absorb the powers of others through skin-to-skin contact. Combine that with her southern accent, which I have as well, and you get one epic southern belle with some powerful fists. Originally, Rogue began her comic book career as a villain, holding onto Ms. Marvel for an extended amount of time and draining her of some of her abilities, which lent themselves to Rogue for a long time. These were her powers of flight, super strength and invulnerability. In doing this, Rogue also absorbed a lot of Ms. Marvel’s psyche, which caused her some grief for a long time. Due to the psyche in her own mind, and other fragments of people she had touched existing there, Rogue turned to the X-Men—to professor X—for help. She soon joined the team, albeit with a bit of hostility from some members, as she had fought them during her time as an evildoer alongside Mystique. Rogue’s sheer force was always thrilling to read and watch. She could take a beating from a Sentinel and get back up and punch its head clean off; or touch someone and gain their powers, utilizing them in an amazing way. Later on, when Rogue’s powers were fully evolved, she could control them and touch others with no ill effects. Her amazing personality, leadership and powers are always intriguing and exciting to see. She’s one of those classic X-Men who will always be one of my favorites.



10. Legion (David Haller)

Legion is the mutant son of Professor Charles Xavier and a woman named Gabrielle Haller. He suffers from multiple personality disorder and each different persona inside of his mind controls one of his many, many superpowers. He is another Omega-leveled mutant, whose many different personalities control his various powers, which include: pyrokinesis, transmutation, electricity generation, time manipulation, telepathy, gravity control, healing, emotion amplification, electrical absorption, channel sound blasts, belch acid gas, release toxic spores from skin pores, time and reality warping, and many, many more. Legion’s sheer power outdoes nearly every other mutant I can think of, and for that one fact alone, he’s amazing. His potential, at least to me, is unrealized as he cannot fully control the personae and some of them do malicious things, often ending up with David under sedation or in a cell of some kind. He has been around for some time, but the future of his character should be tread upon lightly. Legion could potentially do something in the same vein as what what the Scarlet Witch caused with her House of M event, but with more catastrophic results. I feel that he is the wild card of the Marvel Universe, and that his actions could prove to be either super disastrous or do something so great. Magik referred to one of his personalities as a “God-Mutant” and I can’t think of another nickname that would suffice…


What did you think of my picks?

Feel free to share your list of favorite X-Men characters!

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